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According to my jealousy


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Mon accoeurdéon

According to my jealousy, LIFE IS UNFAIR !
I hate the SMILE on their BEAUTIFUL face,
Their PERFECT fragance is polluting my air,
Their glorious LOVE is suffusing my space.

I want to destroy MAGNIFICIENT things,
MOULDERING their abhorrent PINK wings,
reducing to ASHES their sickening shadows...
trying to erase my IMMEASURABLE sorrow.

I hate when my heart is like an " accoeurdeon ".
But, they don't deserve to be happy.
And I don't deserve to be ME.

Time : 28 Hours
Software : Photoshop CS2
Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

Work in progress: [link]

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Good stuff! I'm liking the colour contrast  feel free to visit my page anytime
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Beautiful Pink Blossoms
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Wow... I love drawings like this. Ones that actually relate to actual feelings but in an.. abstract way. Amazing work.
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Incredible! Lyrical brilliance!
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I feel the jealousy too (o.o)
Your drawing is very emotional.
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haha..magnificent.great artwork
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I love how the accordion is in the shape of a heart.
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C'est tellement magnifique ;_; chapeau *sans voix* *motivation  pour m'améliorer*
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So creative!!! Roll 
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wonderful symbolism!
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Oh so Grand Piano Fishtank was you! Me likey even more!!! XD
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this is amazing
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I'm jealous that you can make this and I can't!
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I love cherry blossoms. Such beautiful trees. I like the way you've composed the piece with an overall matching heart shape. It brings harmony to the piece. The colors are light but cold which depicts her mood nicely. The color of the character and the background is too similar though. It makes her look washed out and takes away focus from her. If you don't want a competing color, maybe add more neutral greys to her just to define her a little more. I also think the smoke looks rather half-assed in comparison to the rest of the painting. It just has a very unfinished appearance to it.
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Thank you for your constructive critique =)
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Beautiful artwork~ And I love the poem~ The sakura trees look lovely~
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