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A world of poetry



Marlon LOSTROOTS was looking for a place to grow,
He was orphan and wanted to give sense to his life.
As a solitary child, he’s taken refuge in his imagination, 
Trying to find courage, confort, joy, help and hope.
All these feelings have took an animal form to guide him, 
Sharing their personal way of life, telling their story.
He drew inspiration and truth from this surreal escort : 
« Art is my own world, the world where I come from.
As long as I see poetry in the world, I feel at home »

I don't come from... a city by AquaSixio I don't come from...a jungle by AquaSixio I don't come from.. an ocean by AquaSixio
I don't come from... a forest by AquaSixioI don't come from... the air by AquaSixio

Time : 13 h00 hours
Software : Photoshop CC
Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

Video (2H30) :…

WIP : 

WIP of A world of poetry by AquaSixio

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Your artwork is very beautiful , thank you - 
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To pick out one detail: I like that he's walking on the curb, I think everybody does that when they're young
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I'm still doing it when nobody's watching. Hehehe.
foxheadTails's avatar
One of the simple pleasures of life. ;) (Wink) 
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Wow, this is a beautiful and stunning peice. The lighting is gorgeous and it really gives a wonderful, dreamy and adventerous feel. As if the person in the art has an unknown but exciting road ahead :D
Baureal's avatar
Aw, wonderful and as always poetic !
sohailkhan's avatar
Very nice. i like it.
BYWZ's avatar
The work is as good as ever, and it has meaning.
Ha-Hee-Mi's avatar
Fantastic!! I love your painting style <3 
What a wonderful artwork! :D
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Always nice how you weave different elements, transforming and bringing them together in a single composition to transmit your own ideas and to inspire new ones in others.

Love the idea of "seeing poetry in the world" and how you've worked it in this piece. :heart:
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You have a typo in your description. "confort"
ArjaySKing's avatar
Your artwork has been featured here,
areemus's avatar
Fantastic words.....where you get these words?
juhichigatsu's avatar
The speaks so much to the heart!!
MiloshJevremovic's avatar
Aquafolie's avatar
beautiful, and as always the colors are stunning ^^
VivanSolem's avatar
I love the contrast between the colors.
Kahdrim's avatar
Beautiful, simply beautiful!
TheHunterCow's avatar
I like that the art tells a story. Also beautiful!
TamaraPaul's avatar
TheBoyWhoCriedPanda's avatar
beautiful piece, seriously impressive work
SpideryPhotography's avatar
I want to go on whatever adventure he's going on.
Helga-Helleborus's avatar
Breathtaking work!
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