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A long depression



- Leonardo, do you know how long does a depression last ? 

- I don’t know Signora. Maybe you could begin by leaving the boat to ask some help ? 

- I am too tired… too tired. I just want to wait here. I am sure the sun will finally rise, soon…

- We have been here for few weeks and look what is going on Signora. I am soaked and frozen, you are the one  free of move, that really means something, isn’t it ? 

- Mhh…

- What if you try to do something ? We are not so far of the shore…

- I am not sure… I don’t want to see them. Go there and ask them for help, I am too tired…

- I can’t move for you, it’s physically impossible. It seems you are the only one to be able to go ahead

- You are boring, you bother me Leonardo. I don’t want to talk with you for the moment.

- Sorry Signora. If the sun is waiting for you, it will be far away from here. 

Time : 14 h00 hours

Software : Photoshop CC

Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

Video (3H00) :

WIP : 

WIP of A long depression by AquaSixio
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The boats got me. Excellent!

littl3miss-n1ghtmare's avatar
*0* so much AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!! (*0*)/
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You have the power! 
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You captured it perfectly, both suffering from depression and having someone near you suffering from depression.
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So beautiful *o* I love how you used gondolas here
BlueMoonDesuuu's avatar
This is some deep stuff and I feel touched. It´s a beautiful piece, I love the palette of blues.
ADiSiN's avatar
wow! it's something amazing, especially the colours!
Altitude6's avatar
Love the colours
lauraypablo's avatar
amazing picture, impact me a lot, I feel something in my soul...
really, really beautiful artwork :huggle:
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can i plz plz plz ask what actually you wanted to tell in the story! i know there is always a msg in ur work but this time i didnt get in the explanation dear...~!
If u dont mind plz tell me...
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I think it's a parable about depression - a disease that drags you away from any form of activity. She wants to wait out her depression but doesn't understand it will not heal by itself. I think the meaning is that when you suffer from depression you need to act and start treatment, otherwise you will freeze to death.
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Also, adding to what Ithilloth said, other people can`t cure your depression, it`s physically impossible. It`s something that needs to come from within. In the drawing only the girl can move, because others are imobilized.
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the lights on the house faces are very nice :)
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beautiful work ! :)
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Que brille le soleil et que fondent l'amertume et ses semblables....Splendide illustration! :clap::sun:
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Oh, it's really inspiring :)
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awesome as always :)
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Wow, it's amazing! 
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