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Neo Eye by Aquariem Neo Eye :iconaquariem:Aquariem 2 0 Sharky by Aquariem Sharky :iconaquariem:Aquariem 1 0 Skull Baby by Aquariem Skull Baby :iconaquariem:Aquariem 0 0
Endless Individuals
throng of endless individuals
overwhelms every hair on my body
the door to the car closes and
the relief exudes from every pore
until someone asks if
anyone else is sitting there
finally coming home to
nothing but an empty house
and a full blanket
sets myself at ease
drawing the curtains closed
tighter against the blinds
encases me in a dark friend
enough to see to read
enough to let me be
:iconaquariem:Aquariem 3 7
sweet swell of ocean waves
in front of my boarded up childhood home
reminded me sometimes of the estuaries
back east
a mix of clear and calm with
hint of salt water
creating taffy on my tongue
as i inhaled
exhale of expectations turn
flower into weeds
and saplings into
kindling – igniting
the boarded up home with
a spray of sea salt
the green flames turning
a plot of a memory against
the sweet swell of the sea
into a mirrored image
of blue and green
:iconaquariem:Aquariem 7 5
there's a drop of lead in
each of my legs
as i walk towards
the cabin that desolated us
each step is a sinker
crunching through uncharted promises
snowshoes not enough to
lift my weight from the world
Atlas yet crouches
but am I still left
standing, with anyone else besides me?
the poison creeps down my bones
but my Sigyn has sighed
her last breath
and my fleeting
resolution swells over
cobbled walls and
throws the world into sin
:iconaquariem:Aquariem 2 3
(For Now)
as much as i love this place
it’s odorless as i search fervently,
like a blue-black raven
looking for a lost ring in a
sea of slivers and grass,
for a scent of you others
get to call home
but there are countless
miles of landmarks and
highway routes collecting
spackled wishes and
keeping your comfort
and company
from me (for now)
but yet a Southern breeze
honeyed by late night skype calls,
1:42pm texts
- the sound of your nose scrunching
when you light up the room
settles inside of me
like home
:iconaquariem:Aquariem 4 3
please don’t grasp onto
my paper thin
pin-holed walls,
like i myself can puppeteer
the architect to
freely erect them once
you’ve overspent your
my roof is paper thin
& pin-holed, too,
space-way destinations
counted like constellated lambs,
glowing white against a midnight,
rolling hill
& sometimes falling
back to my paper thin
& pin-holed self,
escaping the big bad wolf,
for only  a blink
please don’t pin-hole
my already paper thin walls with
your perpetually grasping
caterpillar ways
for i am not a leaf on a branch
i am a glowing white lamb
& i belong to the rolling,
midnight hill
:iconaquariem:Aquariem 2 2
Home is Where the Heart Decays
cracked & weary bones crumble
arising from ashen destruction, a you I know not of
you’re not the butterflies playing my ribs like piano
you’re not heavy tempo heart beats
keeping me from feeling that that breath would be my end
you are glistening fishing sinkers and I the
worm on your hook
You are the salt and I am a strung salmon
meant to be seasoned
you’re not butterflies playing my ribs
you’re knives bypassing liquefied bones
you’re not
but you still live inside wastelanded chest cavities, and instead
of being scared of you I call you home
:iconaquariem:Aquariem 7 4
i hastily taught
5:00pm lilac clouds, setting against a periwinkle sky
how it truly felt to be captured by gravity
they laughed wispily
beckoning my steps back at 5:00am instead
when the sun would not yet be part of the oncoming day
so they could teach me
that their bellies caressed the earth
before 5:00am turned to 7:00 turned to 9:00
licking flames of the sun coaxing their curves
back to the sea in the sky
:iconaquariem:Aquariem 1 0
permanence is words
uttered after the door has been
slipped closed
a drag of feet on the 7pm train
bound home
lips smiling too much to
actually press together
soft flicker of hearts
and a crinkle of time
may bring someone’s permanence
to an end but what is forever
without first sometimes?
:iconaquariem:Aquariem 6 0
Raven Writing Desk by Aquariem Raven Writing Desk :iconaquariem:Aquariem 14 15
Arizona Bur
rebuilding our lost ties is
burning bridges once more,
it bogs the ashes in my lungs
& crowds my ribs, trying to exhale
poison I’ve ingested from you,
compromising structured safety with
toxic water below
some say you were drained and cleaned
expertly like oil from my blood,
but a stranded swallow left to fly
too early swan dives
to the ground with no lift off
neither you nor NASA quell deafening dreams
of me being made of stars,
& on each exhalation I plant constellations
to my skin to rid myself of you,
But you’re a desert Arizona bur
and structure remains
the burning of my side of the bridge
cannot cease your constant
effort to drop the draw
and let your diseased passengers
trespass on territory no
longer yours
:iconaquariem:Aquariem 2 8
walking among thistles and dandelions
never was convincing enough
that the world isn’t entirely corrupt
hills overlooking smog of cities complain
about how little they can breathe
flower bud and tree sapling taking years to see
what they were told by honey bees
- fleeing  somewhere safe
an abandoned building taken over
by earth and natural inhabitants
crevices of concrete home among
sprouting grass and solace from smog
thistle and dandelion a reminder only
that earth needs nourishment rather than
elicit a moment of awe at what
it’s capable of
why does disaster invoke admiration in
the eye of the beholder
:iconaquariem:Aquariem 2 6
Like Koi
The sun nips memories back & forth,
blinking through the early 7am fog
that’s crawling way across Interstate 5
early morning rush hour the only entitiy
as languid as the fog itself
memories of an airport long since visited – golden sun on plane wingtips
the sun nips memories back & forth
hiding lazily behind fed evergreen trees on the tops of
the cascades
memories of tautly laced boots against
warm hiking socks
a creek so shallow even the river rocks gasped for water
like koi
the sun nips memories back & forth
lost soul flipping through the found pages of
‘God’s Handbook’
a little misspoken sometimes
nipping through memories back & forth
blinking through drizzly city streets – maybe not there at all
just a gray slate being greeted by prismacolor umbrellas
:iconaquariem:Aquariem 3 12
My emotions are colors;
On good days, the gloriest of greens
and when I’m with you, the babiest of blues
My emotions are colors of a vibrant hot air balloon
against a dark, winding sky, each let off of air
brings it down slower and slower   …   and slower
But on bad days my colored emotions are green and blue
–  orange with the lost feeling of not having you beside me
– knuckle-white pink of my anxiety I feel every day
a fox’ jaw around my neck and I  …  the rabbit
All these colors,
on my bad days are just
a painter’s left over water running down the drain
:iconaquariem:Aquariem 5 0


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