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Contains soft vore and a sexy quarian shaking her hips on the dance floor in a nightclub.

This was originally an RP I did with someone which I then edited a bit into a more naturally flowing story. It changed some things to alter the theme and tone just slightly.

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Mood music: [link]
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PRAETORIC's avatar

Awesome, friggin love tali

aQuarianFetishist's avatar

Thank you! She needs more vore content for sure

Ghostofpinbot6's avatar
Beautiful, just beautiful.
aQuarianFetishist's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. One of these days I have to do some more Tali vore.
Ghostofpinbot6's avatar
Tali is my all time favorite Mass Effect character, and I also like vore. So, when I read this, I just had to fave it.
RogueDragon2010's avatar
Glad I could be of help,

I think the story excelled when Matt was initially coming to terms with his situation, you could sense that he was beginning to contemplate but not quite accept the great danger he was in.

I have no doubt a great many readers will appreciate the second half more then the first and visa-versa. It all comes down personel taste. (No pun intended)

There was something almost comical in the way Matt kept digging himself a bigger hole to get to safety. The truly ironic thing is that if he had kept silent he would have survived; it was him trying to get himself out of trouble at the expense of the clones that drew Tali’s attention to him. As a result most of the other clones who I imagine were scheduled for a very unnatural end survived, at his expense.

Speaking of which, what became of the other clones?
aQuarianFetishist's avatar
The fate of the other clones remains to be scene. I might do another story or it might be left to your imagination.

Thanks again for the feedback.
RogueDragon2010's avatar
I liked it.

There’s certainly something of a subconscious horror to this story in the way Tali and the other normal characters view and interact with the clones.

I think you’ve got a real talent for integrating pre-established characters into a fictional setting and making it seem credible and believable.

If I’m honest the willing vore theme isn’t something I’ve got much interest in so I kind of glanced over the second half however the first part was brilliant.

The way Tali interacts with the clones and Matt was a very well thought out and executed piece, both the reader at Matt had an inking of where the story was going and where his final destination would be.

I hope you keep up the good work. Ideally I like to see another macro / micro story involving Daro’ Xen, perhaps Shala as well.
aQuarianFetishist's avatar
I'm in definite agreement on Xen and Shala. Not sure when that'll happen though.

Personally I think the second half was the best part, though I see where you're coming from. It wasn't so much as willing, as it was unwilling-willing, if that makes sense.

In any case, thanks for the feedback.

I'm glad you picked up on the fear/horror of it. I find the size of the predator, especially when they're beautiful and familiar (and the size difference is unnatural to you) that it is a special kind of scary.
AsilverFOX17's avatar
micros in the mass effect universe? fantastic =w=
asari and quarian wouldnt of been my first pick but still very fun to read. Nice, very nice.
VoReWiN's avatar
Nice edit work :meow:
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