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Poor Lia'Vael is sick of eating bland, sterile nutrient paste and decides to eat something a bit more lively instead. How did she get this squirming little meal in the first place? I don't know because I didn't write that part down or even think about it too much. If you know Mass Effect this story will make sense but if not... you might have a little trouble. This was written down quick and dirty this evening.
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Tbohonko3's avatar
Always love seeing your work, whether vore or otherwise. Hope to see perhaps Lia again or even Tali! Until hopefully next time :3
ToxicToenails's avatar
Always love to see a life signal from you! This one is a really interesting spin on a vore story, maybe we could hear from Lia again, actuallc acting on her preditory instincts, giving her legs and feet something to kill... 
aQuarianFetishist's avatar

We just might, thanks!

Arrogance127's avatar

An interesting vore story!~ Nice to see more work from you! And hope to see more of it in the future, especially giantess related content~

subjub's avatar
Hey great to see a new story.
Definitely a appetizing little tale.
aQuarianFetishist's avatar

Thanks! They just happen sometimes. I have other stuff I want to publish sometime. Who knows.

subjub's avatar
Oh yeah I hope you do post them when you have the time
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