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The more I study this, the more I find to like.
Coloring: The basic earth tones in her garments blend wonderfully with the darkness of the background, giving her a look of almost-fading. The color of her hair is perfect; not too silver, not too grey, which makes it look like real hair. The nobbled colors of her overcoat/sweater give it a real depth and texture, like I could actually reach out and feel it. I love the greenish blue of the candle fading into the silver serpent smoke; definitely an original way of drawing that for this character.
Structure: Her facial features are fantastic. I've spent a lot of time with elderly people, and her lines and sag marks are just right, even to the semi-slack jaw that older folks with teeth missing seem to get.
The only thing that seems a little wonky is the candle dish; it looks a tad flat, and the corresponding sleeve on that arm. I think it may be the garment, though.
Wonderfully done portrait.
Bathilda Bagshot
You're very welcome. It was my pleasure.
<sneaks off to Pottermore after replying to make some potions> :-)
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I'm adding this to my collection of book-scene HP art, because it does go with the final chapter of the first book, when at first Slytherin was ahead. I, as a Slytherin was tickled green when we won, but I'm not really gloating; I think there are probably a lot of people who have multiple accounts to make sure the points go up.
Anyway, the picture! Very, very, very nice job. I like how your rendition is like a combination of your imagination, and movie-McGonagall-Snape.
The details I love: the way her hands are folded, as if she'd really like to make a fist and punch that smirk off Snape's face, but she's much too cool for that. She's not really frowning, but she has her lips pursed as she usually does when she's displeased. The candles, the goblets, and the window are very lovely.
Snape: hehehehe. I'm not a Snape fan, but can't help liking your portrayal. Those eyebrows! He looks the right age, too; some artworks portray him as looking quite old, and while he had a rough life that probably aged him faster than if he'd had an easy life, he's still a fairly young man in wizarding terms. The hair is also nice and lanky, and the hands, folded in smug pleasure are fantastic.
Lighting and shading: your lighting choices are fabulous, for it really looks as if candle light is reflected on their faces and clothing.
I don't think there's anything you could do to make this better, for extra details behind them or to the side would take away from the purpose of showing the two of them and their contrasting feelings.
Slytherin Wins House Cup
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It's as if I'm reading that passage all over again. The highest compliment I can think to give, and it deserves it, is that JKR would love this.
The glow of the doe is spectacular; I love the lighting effect it gives to the trunks of the trees, and the small clearing it's standing in.
The detail of the snow on the trunk facing the "viewer" is just how snow really does look on trees...
and as I've taken more than one moonlit walk in the snow, the shadows that the patronus is casting are just right, as are the colors.
The only thing that sort of stands out as odd, is the darker shadow of what I'm guessing is a rock formation? (Bottom right corner-ish) It seems as if it's casting too long of a shadow for its height.
I love the depth of the woods. Some of the trunks seem a little monotonous; there is a beautiful fir tree in front - one or two firs in the midst of the background woods would not be amiss. However, if you were going for the starkness factor, then it's quite appealing in that sense.
Again, lovely job.
The Silver Doe MS PAINT