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I have posted the starters for the new #pikumon, and I'm busy working on making sure that this time I don't get overwhelmed with everything, unlike the last two times.  This new version of pikumon is part of EvoCrit, and will be somewhat like a virtual pet game, with randomized colors for the adopts, consistent bases, and a new location exploration system you can actually play.

Any pikumon you may have paid for from previous versions will be ported if you have or create an EvoCrit account, provided the species is carried over.  If the species has been replaced, you will get a free Mystery Capsule ticket corresponding to the rarity (common = Normal, uncommon = Silver, rare = Gold). I will also be setting up the locations, Mysterious Machine, Mystery Capsules, shop, and more.

Additionally, there is a new currency, boku, which will be exclusive to purchase through the EvoCrit shop and through creating art of your pikumon.  There will be a lot more lore, as well as some species guides, skill training, and of course, the growth system which has always been a part of the project.

There are a lot of old creatures returning, but some of them will get updated appearances, and they will be joined by a variety of new creatures to collect and battle.  Eggs will hatch by time instead of views, and the helper system will return, allowing you to let other users "borrow" your pikumon in exchange for needed items or currency.  You will also be able to customize a location of your own, which other players will be able to go through.

Once I get things set up, there will be achievements, as well as rewards for collecting an entire "set" such as the starters.

I have also changed pikumon to a Semi-Open Universe so your pikumon can interact with your other EvoCrit and original species characters.

I am excited to announce the return of this old favorite, and even more excited to bring pikumon to life the way I wished I could back when I first conceived of it years ago.  I hope others will enjoy it, and I hope to see the community grow like it did last time.  If you are a new or returning member of pikumon, please, don't hesitate to ask me questions in the comments.  I will answer them all to the best of my ability.

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