Taleoni - EvoCrit Adopt Freebies! (OPEN)

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I'm working on a project of mine known as Taleoni, and as I'm reworking a bunch of things, I'm releasing some freebies.  To get one, simply make sure you have an EvoCrit account and comment with the below form.  You will get the Tamer you request, as well as several random ARPG items you can use to get your first Taleoni.

Adopt Name:
Color Palette:
EvoCrit Username:

Class should be one of the following: Tinkerer, Sensitive, Healer, Kinetic, Breaker, or Creative.

I have a website, where you will be able to find species information, see what characters you have, see progress on requests, and more.

Please read these:
What is EvoCrit?
My Adopt Terms & Conditions
On Pricing and Turnaround Time
On Obtaining Points
On Copyrighted Content
© 2018 - 2021 AquaPyrofan
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Adopt Name: Analie
Gender: Androgynous female
Class: Creative
Hairstyle: Short, chin length
Color Palette: www.color-hex.com/palettes/299…
EvoCrit Username: chaosheart13
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Adopt Name: Rocky
Gender: Male
Class: Creative
Hairstyle: Mohawk
Color Palette: Any blues and blue-greens
EvoCrit Username: Starofnights