Suikana - Card-based CS Freebies! (OPEN)

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By AquaPyrofan


I'm working on a humanoid species known as Suikana, which are based on playing/tarot cards.  They can be based on any card that may exist (such as a Nine of Clubs, Page of Coins, or an Ace of Wands), as well as the Major Arcana.  In order to figure out traits for them, I'm creating one semi-custom Suikana with any possible card basis which is requested for free for each user to request one.  Suikana are part of my EvoCrit site, and there will be games, prompts, and more for them on there.  The site also allows for tracking the progress of requested adopts.  Note: if you are requesting a Major Arcana Suikana, put "Arcana" as the suit.  They can either be normal or reversed, which is known as their type.

Adopt Name:
Card Suit:
EvoCrit Username:

I have a website, where you will be able to find species information, see what characters you have, see progress on requests, and more.

Please read these:
What is EvoCrit?
My Adopt Terms & Conditions
On Pricing and Turnaround Time
On Obtaining Points
On Copyrighted Content
© 2018 - 2021 AquaPyrofan
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Adopt Name: Nema
Gender: Female
Card Suit: Arcana
Number: 1
Palette: I'd like to be surprised (I can pick one out if you want)
Type: Normal
EvoCrit Username: ShinePaw101
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Adopt Name: Pala
Gender: Androgynous female
Card Suit: Arcana
Number: N/A
Palette: White-Black-and-3-shades-of-Gray1
Type: Normal
EvoCrit Username: chaosheart13
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I know its been forever since this was posted but are you still desiging the characters you have up? Ive been waiting for mine to be revealed so I can know how she turns out so I can actually get to drawing her
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Your Suikana is done, sorry it took so long.

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Adopt Name: Budala 
Gender: Male 
Card Suit: Arcana
Number: 0  
Palette: This if possible.. Color Palette
Type: Normal 
EvoCrit Username: devilkitty1
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Adopt Name: Elemys
Gender: Female
Card Suit: Arcana
Palette: Blue White green
Type: Normal
EvoCrit Username: Kingtest3
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So, do we just fill in the form?
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Yeah, you also need an EvoCrit account (so I can tie it to the username).
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Well, I have made an account.
Is this form supposed to be, like, getting a custom made Suikana, in a way?
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I’ve got the most part of the form but I still don’t quite understand the typing..
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Either normal or reversed.
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Adopt Name: Willow
Gender: Female
Card Suit: Arcana
Number: 66
Palette: Black, greens, blues
Type: Reversed (?)
EvoCrit Username: goldenbonnie203

Is that ok?
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