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Okay, rant time.

I have had a lot of people complain about how long my art takes recently.  It's annoying when it's a 20:points: character (for some perspective, that gives me, the artist, just 20¢.  20¢ is practically slave wages.) but it's even worse when it was a free "comment to claim" type of thing.

If you wonder why I have quickly abandoned some of my projects, this is part of it.  They were not able to attract the kind of money that keeps me motivated to work on them, so I wasn't able to.

I also don't have all that much money to begin with, so I rely on money from my art as an additional source of income more and more.

My art has three things it can be: fast, cheap (or free), and good.  Any given character can only be two of them.

In its most basic form, this is as follows:
Arrow left Cheap (or free) art that is of good quality will not be delivered quickly.
Arrow left Good quality art that is delivered quickly will not be cheap.
Arrow left Quick art that is inexpensive will be poor quality.

What does this mean when applied to my art?
Arrow left Free pixel art, as it is good quality, will not be delivered quickly.
Arrow left Cheap pixel characters are usually simple recolors of a base so they can be done quickly.
Arrow left Good quality art will usually have a higher base price as I usually will deliver it immediately (unless it's a mystery adopt).


But  [double or single digit point price] isn't cheap!
This isn't a question, but I'll address it anyway.  Yes, it is cheap.  The value points are given is only 1¢ for every point.  ONE CENT.  Thus a price of 100:points: only gives me $1 (and is only actually $1.25).  Yes, I understand that some people don't have access to PayPal or a credit card to buy points with.  That doesn't make me any less insulted by complaints that I need to finish something that was bought for under $1 immediately.  It doesn't matter how long it took you to obtain the points, DeviantART still gives them a value of one cent a piece.

(more may be added soon, if necessary)

I do not want to hear any of the following:
Arrow left Complaints about how long a character takes to draw
 if off-base and/or high quality and under $5-10.
Arrow left Complaints about quality if you rush me and the character was purchased for under $5.
Arrow left Complaints about pricing if the character is high quality and/or off base and offered for almost immediate use.
Arrow left Absurdly low offers if the character is offered for immediate use, with any input, and/or with decent quality.
Arrow left Complaints that I accepted money before actually finishing a character if it was under $5.
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