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This is sort of an explanation/continuation of On Pricing and Turnaround Time.  I have been annoyed with the prices I have been receiving for my artwork as of late, and have been finding it hard to work on anything but freebies, especially with how much drama I've had to deal with, both for freebies and other adopts.

To put it simply, it does not matter how hard it was or how long it took for you to earn those points, they have a set value, and I will treat them based on that value.  I do not care if you can buy thousands of points at a time or get a few points at a time through services like DAhub or through 1 point adoptables.  Points still carry a value of one cent a piece (technically $1.25, but DA takes a cut when they are purchased.  And they are always purchased by somebody at some point.)  I fund all my groups, buy all my characters (such as my Kimori or the Kintaur I just purchased), and even fund my Core using my other income because I am unable to get amounts of even $1 on DA from most of the adopts I make.  And when I am, users harass me about how I've "lied to them" or "cheated them out of" their points because I focus on adoptables I can get higher amounts for, rather than ones I sold for tiny amounts such as 10-50:points:.  This is directly the reason I closed pikumon, and the reason I will almost certainly not bring it back.  There was just way too much stress on almost anything I sold, so it was hard for me to work on the project.

Additionally, using point reward services or selling adoptables for 1-20:points: ruins it for the rest of us.  I understand that one person alone can't change the way things are, but one person can refuse to be part of the problem.  There's a lot of misconceptions surrounding points, and I hear all the time about how a couple cents is expensive or that someone's art isn't worth more than a few points.  The fact of the matter is, unless it's something like selling fandom adopts (which is illegal) or selling adopts on someone else's base that literally requires the paint bucket a couple times, there is no reason any adoptable should be under 80:points:.  And that's a reasonable price for adoptables that took literally 1 minute to make.  My adopts usually take 20 minutes to several hours, so my rates should be much, much higher.  And they are definitely going to go up, drastically.  I may even cut freebies out entirely.  Pricing adopts which should be priced higher at a lower price just means people go to the people who have the lower prices, and anyone with a decent grasp of pricing loses.  And point-rewarding services make people work hard enough for one point that they often aren't aware of the damage they're doing with their idea of value.

So how do you get points?  Sell adoptables for reasonable prices.  Maybe they won't sell now, but eventually someone will buy.  And if you can't draw?  Start practicing.  You'll never get better if you don't try.  When I was a kid, at around 10 years old, I didn't sell my art for under $1.  It's only now that I've become an adult and started selling it online that I've felt the need to lower my prices to compete.  But I'm done.
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P.S. if you don't bring back Pikumon, what happens to all the critters? Like Mæw for example... What does she become? Revoking the designs because you shut down the project would make a lot of people sad. Do they become random designs? Will you delete your art of them? :confused: or can Mæw just be a normal winged cat, designed by you and belonging to us?
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Unfortunately, I'm actually probably going to revoke everything if I keep having to deal with drama related to it. If not, it may get to stay as is indefinitely.
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It makes sense. We respect your decision.
We won't be raising our own prices because
1. what exactly will we do with points anyway? (answer: get underpriced commissions of Karlotte and then give the artist a Custom Imagineko to sort of help with that whole "underpriced" issue by making it kind of an art trade thing. And possibly save up for a print by Alrealea.)
2. we basically like giving stuff away for a few cents. :shrug: it's kind of fun. 
3. it's not like we're competition or anything, like, only Cat does commissioned art, and that's all Imagineko Chemikitty and FizzyCat stuff :XD: not really proper commissions or anything, and MYOs of our Original Species are free, and Customs cost drawing a picture of Karlotte, so like basically we only get points from dAhub and gifts :lol: and besides, your species are better anyway, and your art is higher quality, so obviously those who can afford it would go to you not us. 
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I wouldn't be surprised if stuff like DAhub violated the sites TOS
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No, actually they don't... dAhub has links to FAQ questions that explain. :shrug: 
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Yep. Regardless, services like that are extremely damaging to artists.
Fav'd but the term ain't really appropriate. This needs a "like" button
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