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EvoCrit is a project I've been working on for several months now, and will be the home of all my projects for the foreseeable future, and it is a combination of ARPGs and virtual pet/clicksites.  You will be able to get free "site-style" adopts through the site in some projects, these will be designs that many people can get.  These are distinct from the "unique" adopts, available through adoptables posted on other sites (such as here or DA), in-project currency (obtained through mini-games and drawing your adoptables), and customs, and can be owned by one person at a time.  Additionally, Make Your Owns will be done through either bases or on-site "maker"-style programs, and will able to be saved as a new adopt if a slot of the right rarity is available.

Gryalic and pikumon have always had aspects of clicksites, and once they're fully set up these will be fully realized.  There will be combat mini-games for pikumon Locations, and procedural adopt image generation.

I'm also planning to have fully integrated forums, private messaging, and the ability to rate a user on how well they interact in the community, the fairness of their trades, and more - excessively negative reviews will be flagged so the admins know which users need to be monitored for trouble.

Edit requests will be able to be made on an adopt's profile by their owner, as well as revamp requests if they feel their adopt is of a lower quality than the current average.  These will be delivered in such a way that I can see them and handle them quickly.  Allowed edits will be listed on project pages, as well as what is required for them.

Images are able to be submitted to the site, and once it's set up, they will be able to be quickly categorized to automatically calculate project currency earnings.  This will then be able to be used in shops, and viewed from the profile.

Items are stored in a user's inventory, but there are plans to have them able to be used for various purposes, as well as allowing users to create their own shops to sell unwanted items for project currency.


The best part of all this? KatherineFennec and I are planning a way to allow others to use some of the same code we use for EvoCrit to make their own ARPGs easier to run, and most of the features will be free.

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