[EvoCrit] Faelyt - ARPG/Breedable Freebies! (OPEN)

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By AquaPyrofan


I'm working on a species known as Faelyt, and in order to figure out how exactly the project is going to work, I'm going to release some freebies.  As this is a breedable species, these will come with two adopts: one you pick the colors and traits of, and one randomized.  In order to get one of these, you need an EvoCrit account, and the adopts will be added to there once everything is set up.  To request your free Faelyt, please comment with the below form.  Faelyt are similar to felines, so keep that in mind when requesting.

Adopt Name:
Color Palette:
Ear Type:
Tail Type:
Elemental Affinity:
Wing Type:
EvoCrit Username:

I have a website, where you will be able to find species information, see what characters you have, see progress on requests, and more.

Please read these:
What is EvoCrit?
My Adopt Terms & Conditions
On Pricing and Turnaround Time
On Obtaining Points
On Copyrighted Content
© 2018 - 2021 AquaPyrofan
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Adopt Name: Akito
Gender: Male
Color Palette: Blacks, for details bright colors like bright blue, purple, red/orange etc. are okay
Ear Type: Pointed (Kind of lynx-ish in looks?)
Tail Type: Fluffy
Elemental Affinity: Ice
Wing Type: Multi-layered like that of a large bird (Does that make sense??)
EvoCrit Username: MaqqieDoqq
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Name: Rhea
Gender: Female
Pallet: Blacks, purples, blues
Ear Type: Bat-like
Tail Type: Puma like
Elemental affinity: Dark
Wing Type: Raven
EvoCrit username: PinkRose2018

Thanks for this, these look so cute!! It’s a great idea
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Adopt Name: Allistar

Gender: Male

Color Palette: I have no clue. I’ll leave it up to you. (All I ask is that there’s red in the design. )

Ear Type: pointed canine ears (ex: German Shepherd ears)

Tail Type: lion tail

Elemental Affinity: sound/music? (Idk if that counts) 

Wing Type: large bird wings

EvoCrit Username: CarleyCarl

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This all sounds very intriguing! I just joined evocrit, are there specific traits listed somewhere to choose from for the ear types and such?
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Mostly just common sense, I haven't figured the traits out yet.
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Ahh, thanks. Lemme know if I need to fix anything

Adopt Name: Shoal

Gender: Male
Color Palette: Muted blues/grays and/or marine colors
Ear Type: caracal or fins
Tail Type: aquatic/shark
Elemental Affinity: ocean/water
Wing Type: flying fish style fins/wings
(I'm really not picky with any kind of free adopts or art, feel free to go hogwild. I really appreciate it)

I've been looking through evocrit btw and the whole idea looks absolutely awesome, it's laid out really well. I look forward to seeing you expand on it!
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