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What is EvoCrit?
EvoCrit is an adoptable site which is currently in active development, and is planned to host a wide variety of ARPG and original species "projects", as well as games and in-depth customization.

Why do I need an account?
EvoCrit's backend requires a user account to associate adoptables with.
 In addition, many features of the site would be unavailable without one.

Why such restrictive rules?  Isn't that illegal?
EvoCrit is a combination of an ARPG site and a virtual pet site, as such, the rules are set up to allow free posting, editing, and moderation by EvoCrit staff while still allowing users as much freedom as possible.  These rules are agreed to via the TOS, which has been checked to conform with the laws of several jurisdictions.

Can I make my own characters of an EvoCrit species?  What about Tamers and such?
Creating characters for use on EvoCrit will be added soon, but for now, adoptables are the only way to obtain them.

When am I going to get my adopt?
EvoCrit adoptables are designed on a per-inspiration basis.  As such, it may take up to several months to receive a completed design.

Can I use EvoCrit to keep track of my own species/projects?
No.  At some point, we are planning to release a version of the source code and a website where you can submit your own species and projects, but currently EvoCrit is the main focus.

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