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Chibi Starkin are a species of kemonomimi-like creatures born from stars and other such things.

Every Chibi Starkin has the following traits:
  • Ears and tail with one star in each
  • Extremely shiny hair/fur and stars
  • Chibi proportions

Additionally, Chibi Starkin are known to have the following special abilities:
  • Granting wishes
  • Flight/hovering
  • Creating things
  • And one special ability that depends on the individual, called a Talent.


Chibi Starkin can have a variety of traits, which often have associated rarities.  They are as follows:
Bullet; Black Common Bullet; Black  Bullet; Pink Uncommon Bullet; Pink  Bullet; Blue Rare Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Yellow Legendary Bullet; Yellow  Bullet; Purple Special Bullet; Purple 

Bullet; Black Short Ears
Bullet; Pink Long Ears
Bullet; Yellow Feathered Ears

Bullet; Black Thin Tail
Bullet; Pink Long Fluffy Tail
Bullet; Blue Short Fluffy Tail
Bullet; Yellow Branched Thin Tail
Bullet; Yellow Multiple Thin Tails

Bullet; Blue Horn
Bullet; Yellow Feathered Wings
Bullet; Yellow Bat/Dragon Wings

**Chibi Starkin can have traits not listed here.  These are Mutations and have no rarity.  They are more likely to occur when "breeding"**


Being very childlike and born from stars, Chibi Starkin do not breed like an animal would.  Instead, they use their magic to create planets or stars, which can create new Starkin.  These will all appear similar to their "parents" as they are created from their magic, however, they are likely to have mutations and may even have traits of their birthplace.

Chibi Starkin are born as crystalline orbs which either appear on the surface of a planet or fall to one from the planet's star.  Where they fall can affect their appearance when they hatch.  Sometimes they instead fall to another planet.


Chibi Starkin live entirely off of magic and starlight, although they may eat anything they feel like.  When they travel, they often try all the foods they can find.


Chibi Starkin love to explore, sometimes traveling far away from their home galaxies to find new homes.  They'll befriend anything they can, and often have pets they've brought from their home galaxy.

If someone wishes on a Starkin's orb as it falls, the Starkin will be bound to that person or creature as a companion.  A Starkin with a companion looks different from a normal Starkin. (Information coming soon)
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