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Can I use my CardTamers characters in CTnet?
No, as they are different groups with different focuses.

Can I make my own Character?
No, Characters are based on closed species, so you cannot make your own.

In addition, due to the game aspects, an MYO would be hard to keep track of levels and such for.

How do I get my first Character?
When you join CTnet, you are given a Bronze Voucher.  This can be used to obtain your first Character.  Alternately, you can purchase a character or a voucher.

Why do all Characters of [species] have the same color scheme?
Most Characters of the same species will have the same (or similar) color scheme, so it's easy to tell at a glance which Characters are the same species.  It is, however, possible to get differently-colored Characters through special means.

How do I get a better Starter than a Bronze Voucher gives me?
You can level up your Bronze Voucher by drawing one of the NPCs or by purchasing a Voucher Upgrade in the shop.

What are Seeds(S)?
Seeds are a currency that can be used to purchase certain items in the group.  It's fairly easy to come by.

How can I get Seeds?
You can get Seeds by exploring areas, drawing Characters, and more.

What are Gold Seeds (GS)?
Gold Seeds are a currency that can be used to purchase paid content without actually buying it with DA Points or cash.

How can I get Gold Seeds?
You can get Gold Seeds by drawing or writing something for one of the Gold Seed prompts in the group.

What is a Companion?
Companions are Characters that you own, but that are not the main Character for a task.  There's benefits to choosing Companions, so keep that in mind.  You can select up to two per task.

How do I explore the world?
There will be a journal set up for that.  You select an area, and list any Characters and Companions you want to have explore the area.  You will be given a prompt, which you can then respond to in order to get items, experience, and more.

How do I level up my Character?
You can give your Character experience by drawing them or writing about them.

How do I know how much EXP I will get?
Currently, EXP amounts are still being worked on.  This means that I will determine it on a case by case basis for now.

How do I give a Character more skills?
Skills can be obtained once your Character is the right level, as well as through the use of MoveDiscs and SuperDiscs.  

What are MoveDiscs and SuperDiscs?
MoveDiscs and SuperDiscs are a method of encoding skills in a way that they can easily be added to a character.  SuperDiscs tend to contain more useful moves than MoveDiscs do.

How do I evolve a Character?
You can evolve a Character once they've met the requirements for evolution, which are listed on their deviation page.

What are Burst Shards?
Burst Shards are items that can be used to give a Character a Burst Form.  Any Character can be given a Burst Form, but you must draw or write about them interacting with the Burst Shard to be given one.

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