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pikumon Starters - REDUX! (OPEN, not limited)

By AquaPyrofan
pikumon is back!

These are starters for my #pikumon project, part of EvoCrit.  They're free, but each person may only claim one.  You can have any one of the six you want.  To get one, all you have to do is make sure you have an EvoCrit account, and then comment with the below form:
EvoCrit Username:
Adopt Name:
From left: Silhouette Egg, Inferno Egg, Void Egg (back), Tempest Egg, Glacier Egg, Leaf Egg.

Eggs will be added to your account, and hatch when they've gotten enough views.

Art, species, and related concepts are property of AquaPyrofan and may not be used without permission.
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© 2018 - 2021 AquaPyrofan
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Evocrit username: AllyApple

Adopt name: Hollow

Choice: void egg

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EvoCrit Username:ShadowHunter

Adopt Name:snowflake

Choice:glacier egg

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Evocrit username: Navythesabertoothtig

adopt name: astrea

choice:Tempest egg :)

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EvoCrit username: TheMoriahMazing

Adopt name: Lillian

Choice:Glacier Egg

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EvoCrit Username: Horseperson234

Adopt Name: Starry

Choice: Void Egg

Can I please have the blue one?

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Please fill out the form.
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EvoCrit Username: chaosheart13
Adopt Name: Nasa
Choice: Void Egg

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EvoCrit Username: SilvaWolf
Adopt Name: Serenity
Choice: Silhouette Egg
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Sorry this is so late, but here's your adopt:…
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EvoCrit Username: MentalPencil
Adopt Name: Fluffles
Choice: Void Egg
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EvoCrit Username: PhoenixFromTheFire
Adopt name: Fenir
Choice: Tempest Egg
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EvoCrit Username: KitsuneSodo
Adopt Name: Hollow
Choice: Void Egg

This is honestly such a neat idea. >v<
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Ah! Thank you! ^^
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EvoCrit Username: whirlwindtigress
Adopt Name: Wave
Choice: Tempest Egg
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