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[Gryalic] Gryalic Trade Sheet - OPEN (8/8)



These adopts are for my Gryalic project, which you can read about here.  They require an EvoCrit account to claim.  The hatched images won't be pixel art and will be done on a 2048x2048px canvas.

Sheet Information:
  1. Red Egg - Uncommon - OPEN
  2. Pink Egg - Common - OPEN
  3. Pink Egg - Common - OPEN
  4. Purple Egg - Uncommon - OPEN
  5. Black Egg - Rare - OPEN
  6. White Egg - Common - OPEN
  7. White Egg - Common - OPEN
  8. Orange Egg - Rare - OPEN
  • Bound by the EvoCrit TOS
  • No offers of base adopts, maker adopts, copyright/fandom adopts, or offbrands
  • You must have an EvoCrit account (New members welcome!)

Art, project, species, designs, and concepts are ™ and © AquaPyrofan.  Do not use without permission.
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I would like to offer two halfbodys for the black egg please ^^