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[Auction] Suikana Egg Adopt - OPEN!

By AquaPyrofan
A mystery adopt from my Suikana species (ArcaneCards). The group is still in progress, but I have most of the traits figured out.  The species is part of my EvoCrit site, so adoption will require an account on there.  You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

This adopt will be an auction, and as such, will end 48 hours after the final bid.  I will only take PayPal for this, and the winner must send me a note with their PayPal email and EvoCrit username within a day of being notified.

Please bid in a chain, replying to the last bidder.  No retracting bids.
SB: $8
MI: $2
AB will be added if necessary.

Suikana are a humanoid species based on playing and tarot cards.

Art, designs, species, and other related concepts belong to AquaPyrofan.  Do not use, modify, copy, or redistribute without permission.
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Bid Here
SB: $8
MI: $2