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The Wrath of God

By aquapell
Last of the 'Oracle' series. No manipulation, just a strange weather phenomenon, manifesting itself over our house the other day.

Thank you to all that have commented and faved the shots and a special thanks to those that took the time to view the slide show.

Here it (slide show) is again if you would like to see the rest of the shots from this 20 minute episode with nature.


hope you like it :)
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GokuMartin's avatar
God has come to drown all those sinning assholes and their horrible drawings.
PosauneSpieler's avatar
Nice pic! That house looks like one in/outside of Dexter. Huh. Or I'm just crazy XD
Great capture =)
mrabanal's avatar
Impressive image.
nociception's avatar
DiscordantDreams's avatar
Wonderful gallery you got here...heh I named one of my deviations 'the wrath of God's eye' lol. Take care; I shall be watching you; good stuff!
FaeMaria's avatar
Wow, that's a really sweet picture. Muy Bien!
klm80's avatar
this is breath taking
DeviantHopes2's avatar
absolutely breath taking... i love it.. u are a wonderful photographer...
confused-equine's avatar
Wow. Definitely a strange phenomenon; awesome shot!
hazedvision's avatar
Holy Hell....!!! If i looked up and saw that shit i'd be in the basement before i could blink twice!! Beautiful and so intense!
Roy-Nexus-6's avatar
wow! you get extra points for keeping the house at a focal point in the frame! :) Very nice capture!
Arrington's avatar
Frostypeanut's avatar
Damn, Aquapell! I can actually feel this horrible sense of dread in my gut, as if I was in that house. Great job! :faint:
aShadowInTheMoon's avatar
Wonderful contrasts, i'm surprised with this one :clap:
nearly-dizzy's avatar
Haunting. Very beautiful.
gaelicgirl's avatar
unbelievable! no manipulation. just goes to show that sometimes even we can't create something as awesome as nature i guess.
AcousticAlchemy's avatar
Wow, now that is dramatic... incredible clouds and incredible moment.
It totally looks like it's going to absolutely devour that house.
DoomyDooms's avatar
Very surreal. A perfect example of why I like weather. If I had taken this photo, I would have taken it and then run right back into the house in fear of being struck by lightning. Great shot!
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