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Emerald Myst

Full view is much better :)

Hope you like it, Thanks as always!
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great view, man

i and we and they like this pic very much

do you know.
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truely great shot ! i thought it was someone in the background too... i love it :heart:
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Love the swampy, wet, muddy floor, and the depth it gives to the forest. Fog is another great asset this photo possesses. And is there a person, cause its hard to make out?
couleur's avatar
Its kind of over sharpened.
Love it

but is that a person in the backround
EosFunk's avatar
Beautiful. I looks like a person is standing in the far back - am I wrong?
bender's avatar
realy looks like a person in the background. i think you get shocked if you walk throgh that wood in the night and you see that things shape in the fog. :crazy:
Deea-Dee's avatar
There's a woman? :confused:
whitepumkinpatch's avatar
oooo i like the title and the murky lake is wonderful
Tirwen's avatar
That's really gorgeous!
kitXwilde's avatar
this place looks oddly familair...
nephely's avatar
hey is there anyone staying in the middle of the picture?... this... whatever it is, gives it a mysterious climate, generally very pretty forest.:)
Taragon's avatar
First thought: "Ooh, that looks almost like the swamp areas of Morrowind!" And when I took a closer look, I got all creeped out by that strange tree stump that looks like a guy wearing a cloak...hehe. But I really like this picture. Nice work :)
firetrick's avatar
Very wonderful.
sophis's avatar
I like it, very nice.
It has very mysterious feeling.

CelticBeauty's avatar
gawd this is absolutely beautiful. It almost transports me into another time. How the hell did I miss this before? I was going through your print gallery and *gasp* I dont think I ever commented on this! But I absolutely adore th ecolors and lighting (green's my fav color) and I LOVE to see forests :nod:
awake-euphoria's avatar
I am very fond of the overcast hue of this photo.
I can hear the silence, random remaining water trickling into the puddles.
djo-123's avatar
Very special atmosphere!
lucibella's avatar
Amazing picture!! Is somebody in the picture? That image in the back is very creepy...:fear:
This is absolutely beautiful. Wow.
sacredbluelotus's avatar
wow, beautiful place, beautiful picture
maeve-rose's avatar
whoa....:happycry:... this pic totally reminds me of the marshes of sadness or what ever they were called in the Neverending Story! I love that movie!!
morturomdemonto's avatar
I shall never get tired with your tree pictures.
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