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- School Contest Entry #2 : Solidarite

Solidarity ~
Yay .... Finally .... I've done this drawing .... QwQ'
This is my second entry for my school contest. ^^
I beginned this drawing this monday last, I made it digital yesterday and I've finished today ... Phew .... I had to be very patient ... >u>' (I'm a very impatient girl x'D )

So, the girl in the left is ~Andzia-chan holding her Salamon, in the middle is my OC Lin Yao (AquaPatamon Gijinka) and in the right it's *lawlietluv12 ~ ^-^
yeah ..... i wanted to draw them >w<
oh btw, the little guy at the top of us is a random fairy .w.

je ne sais pas pourquoi mais je ne suis pas très fière de mon résultat .. chais pas, j'ai l'impression de régresser .... D':
pffff, i'm so tired right now ....... nao, it's sleeping time ~ :dummy:

Entry # 1

>> Sketch

Art © me , *AquaPatamon
OC Andzia © ~Andzia-chan
Lawli © *lawlietluv12 XD
OC AquaPatamon AKA Lin Yao © me, *AquaPatamon
Salamon AKA Plotmon © Digimon, Bandaï ♥

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© 2012 - 2021 AquaPatamon
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You have an amazing deviation here.When it comes to the background,it's very colorful.Lin Yao's hair seems very great,along with the others.For any other artwork,may I suggest putting in a little more shading.Along with Separating the legs a little starting from the top of the legs,but still keep them together on the top.The hair effect makes it look like actual hair.You'll be sure to win the contest with the deviations like this.And everything,this is just amazing.But if I were you,I would edit your full name out for posting this.You don't know exactly who is seeing this.And the way you did the eyes,Amazing!
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you ma'am, have a new watcher .w. thats awesome
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...welp, I'm screwed OwO
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Awwww thanks so much <3333 :huggle:
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Awesome work my dear ^w^
Thank you very much for drawing my character :squee: Really appreciate it :hug:
Art is beautiful as always ~! :3
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Awwww you're most welcome Andzia-chan ~ <3 I'm so happy to hear this :huggle: She is so cute to draw >w< :heart:

And thank you very much dear ^-^ :glomp: ~~
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Aww this is amazing! :D

I hope you do good in the contest. ^^
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Aww thanks so much :huggle:
I hope too ^-^
because it's all school students from private schools from my country who participate this owo XD
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yay ! ^^, cool ! ^^

(heum, pour la description, tu devrais mettre la traduction Française pour les Frenshys qui n'y comprennent rien, comme moi ^^")
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Awwww merci beaucoup ~ ;w;
Mais l'anglais c'est facile pourtant QwQ
Okay ~ ^^ à partir du prochain dessin , je mettrai la traduction en français ;3
Coccinelodie's avatar
hi ! hi ! ^^, derien =)
pour certain ça l'est, mais j'en a qu'on encore des difficultés ^^"
hi ! hi ! ^^, okay ^^ (c'est surtout que j'ai la flemme d'utiliser l'outil de Google Traduction ;D)
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oui ^^
comme je suis bilingue, l'anglais est simple pour moi ^^ (à la base, j'étais anglophone, mais quand j'avais vers 4 ans, je me suis plutôt orientée vers francophone et après voilà xD )

Hahahaha XDDDDD
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ah, c'est cool, ça ^^ (ah okay ^^)

arf ;D, un autre F.R ;D ?
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Ouais. X3
Hehehe ouais xDDDDD
Coccinelodie's avatar
;D, yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy !!!!!!!! ;D ;D

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Ouais >w<
::: (\_(\
*: (=’ :’) :*
•.. (,(”)(”)¤°.¸¸.•´¯`»
Lapin xD
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Aaaaaw, so cute!!! >u< I need to talk to someone, SOMEONE JUST CONFESSED TO MEEEEEEH!!!! >///<
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Meeeeh thanks so muuuuch \;w;/
Oh ! ~ ouo it's fine xD
it's Ao ONI :iconteheplz:
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It's no prob~! =3

NO its not Ao Oni! xD neither germany!! XDDDD
AquaPatamon's avatar
Heheh QwQ

Yus he is 0u0 It was Ao ONI but he was disguised :iconteheplz: and then he'll give you roses ~ :iconiggybrowsplz: XDDDDDD
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