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It Popped Up Out of Nowhere

By aquanut
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Neopets Art Gallery, Page 1294
Art Gallery trophy #28

Made in 2010. This is the last Neopets thing I’ll upload today. I want to get these really old pictures out of the way faster, because I have a lot of them.

For the unfamiliar, Meerca Chase is basically the game Snake, and Red Neggs are evil food pellets that appear on the game board and give you game over if you run into them. This is why the Meerca is freaking out. Alternatively, he is freaking out because it’s pretty obvious from the look in that thing’s eyes that it wants to devour him whole (and all his eerily happy little followers with him).

I think this looks like a good cover for a breakfast cereal. I want to develop a breakfast cereal made of Negg-shaped pellets and put this on the cover. There will be a prize for anyone who finds the rare diabolical red pellet, but for some reason no one will ever show up to claim it.
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This is great fanart of a popular game. :) Congratulations on winning those years ago, and the idea of the breakfast cereal is hilarious. ^^
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I can't count the number of times I have just grabbed a yellow negg and a red one has popped up right in my path, instantly ending my game.
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I once just grabbed a yellow negg, and just continued straight ahead. To bad a red negg spawned just milimeters infront of where the yellow negg had been D:
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Yeah, it seems like that always happens eventually. Meerca Chase has a lot more to do with luck than reflexes, honestly.
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Yeah, I discovered that after challenging AAA on it. I nearly had it: I got a fish negg, but then died like, one yellow negg shy of AAA's score.
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I never quite understood why those red neggs could kill you. Are they like toxic or something?
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They're evil. Evil explains everything that's bad for you.

Or maybe the Meerca just has a horrible allergy. :P
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Haha...oh, Meerca Chase. To this day I get a little bit of an adrenaline rush whenever I see a red Negg. :P Also: a Meerca Chase breakfast cereal would be amazing.
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Haha yes, I would buy Meerca Chase breakfast cereal just to have it around. Especially if it came with prizes. I'm a sucker for prizes. :P

I loved Snake as a kid and so Meerca Chase was automatically one of my favorite games when I joined Neopets. I liked the original Meerca Chase way better than Meerca Chase II, though. Somehow, in keeping the game almost exactly the same and slightly updating the graphics, they managed to foul up the controls and make them unresponsive half the time. <_< I'm just glad I got a silver trophy on Meerca Chase before it changed.
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Me too. :P I miss good prizes in cereal boxes.

Ahh, nice. Yeah, I think I preferred the original over Meerca Chase II, also. Congrats on your silver trophy, though!
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