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Anatomy and Simple Muscle Guide

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*I'm Re-upload it with Hi-Res size, feel free to download*

Basic anatomy & simple muscle guide for helping figure drawing, lining the contour, rendering/coloring skin & muscle.

Here I'm using female body BUT basicly the male &  female have the same muscle structure, so you can use this as a guide for male muscle the different of female & male is in the skeleton not in the muscle.
Male muscle usually depicted more boxy the contour difference are clear and obvious. Meanwhile female muscle usually depicted more curvy the contour difference are subtle unless you want to draw muscular female figure

For the body I'm using 7 heads proportion, of course you can adjust the proportion according to the needs (e.g. 5 to 9 heads, depend on your figure/character drawing) and I'm sure you know how to do it wink :P 

And you don't need to memorize the name of every muscle, just need to remember the shape & where it's attached
because we're artist not medic :laugh: 
(or you can... because it's makes you cool)

*The muscle is not 100% acurate because it's simplified*
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thegingerbread02New Deviant

This is insanely helpful for troglodytes like me When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

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VicGoldNew Deviant

Super bem definido... visualização excelente. É possível uma aula de anatomia.

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Incredible reference. This is so useful and well made *u* Thank u for sharing with us

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AwareProjectProfessional General Artist

Incredible anatomy. Wonderful reference. I love the color separation being used, it makes everything so simple to follow.

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SirafimaStudent General Artist

Oh thanks for sharing! it sure does look like a nice guide <33

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