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Ten things about me:
:bulletblue: At 11:11, I always make a wish!
:bulletblue: I used to do competitive gymnastics but recently quit. I would love to do it again but there are so many things stopping me. :(
:bulletblue: I <3 texting. Thank goodness for having unlimited texts.
:bulletblue: I definitely have my share of blonde moments.
:bulletblue: I have over 60 stuffed animals :]
:bulletblue: I love sharpie markers! They're so much fun to write with for some reason.
:bulletblue: I love to lay out by the pool.
:bulletblue: Blue is my favorite color.
:bulletblue: I have a poster framed and hanging in my room of Edward and Bella signed by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.
:bulletblue: I met Shawn Johnson while at gymnastics camp last summer.

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