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pony oc ref sheet: Tainted purity
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Published: July 26, 2013
new oc ! c:
I like this concept a lot so I decided to keep this guy >v<
Fishy in her hair! she is composed completely of water, meaning no physical form .

Gender: Female
Type: Unicorn
Magic: water magic. She monitors the temperature of her hair in order to allow the fish inhabiting it live properly. Her main ability is to purify water. She tends to look for places where oil spills have occurred during this process, her whole body goes black when absorbing the oils and pollutants. It takes days to years for her to purify a body of water completely depending on the size. After her body has gone black it will slowly turn back after she stops absorbing pollutants and the purification process has been completed. While visiting murky waters she also collects fish and move them to a safer area. The amount of fish she can hold is very limited so she ends up making many trips. When releasing fish her hair goes into waterfall mode c:
Despite her appearance she can actually be cranky and dangerous. She creates whirlpools to break boats or devices that pollute the area and sends off the ponies with warnings.
She is very rarely seen as she blends into the water whenever she wants as she does not have a stable form. She has a hair band which aids the purification process. 
Age: immortal/ unknown
Although she is unable to die, if she uses up her magic completely before it is able to restore she will completely disappear for weeks to months.
Personality: not much is known. protective and loyal.
This oc is speaking out for the fish. millions of these poor guys get fished up each year are murdered brutally. Getting skinned alive is brutal. What would you say if you were skinned? Just because its not extremely visible, they feel pain. 
Fishing for fun is similar to stabbing someone in the mouth for fun. You DON'T DO IT

If anyone would ever like to draw her I would really love it if you could spread the word about the fishes <3
thanks !

art (c) me
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woah, a pony whose mane is water with living fish in it? that's pretty damn neat! C:
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WolfWhisperer954Hobbyist General Artist

Hats off to you for creating a character of which I will create 245,345,234,753,163 pieces of fan art for.
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CrazyaniknowitHobbyist General Artist
I love eating fish, but I hate fishing because its SOOOOOOOOO boring, i've never caught a fish on the hook, like EVER! My little brother did though, we ate it lol, it was a rainbow trout.
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Angelic-DoodlesHobbyist Digital Artist
shes gorgous.
and im glad we have the same perspective on fishing, its terrible how they get skinned alive.
plus its something my family does for fun.
one of the main reasons im a vegetarian.
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YueHeart332Student Digital Artist
She's so pretty!! *o*
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LokiPufffHobbyist Filmographer
i love it, but isnt having the inability to die a bit mary sue?
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artiermis Digital Artist
Since she's kind of a bit of, cough, 'made of water', plus it would be actually a bit dumb for her to age. Her purpose can take up at most a few years. 
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pinkiestyleofficalHobbyist General Artist
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1bookfishHobbyist General Artist
*is awkward UvU;; *
Hi there, I uhh... I drew fanart of her x3 I just love this OC <3
I'm sorry it's not that great, and that it's blurry, I originally had it on a different canvas with a bg planned out, but the bg didn't work out, so I had to put it on a different canvas and the sizing was weird so ^^; yeah, I hope you like it anyway <3 
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notthemosttalentedHobbyist General Artist
Oh my goodness!
This picture is like eyecandy, the colors and everything...!!!
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AunliStudent Digital Artist
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ValachHobbyist Traditional Artist
this is so brilliant! XD
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that is me. my friends say i'm so pure all the time... *thinkmonde*
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aadsit22cpsStudent Digital Artist
It fits your username perfectly.
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ForgottonKeybladeStudent General Artist
This is so beautiful! I could look at it for 5 whole minutes! :D
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Cosmic-CoveStudent Digital Artist
I created a pony oc (I have yet to upload her yet for this reason o3o) and she's based off of Noki Bay (a playable area in Super Mario Sunshine.) and I wanted to have your permission before I posted her.

She's a pianta pony (species credit to Fluffomaru :iconfluffomaru:), but I made her tail like that of a waterfall. Her mane is water (polluted water, like her tail.). There aren't any fish (as her mane is poisonous ;w;). I wanted to ask your opinion before I went all the way with her and made her into one of my official oc's.
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Feel free! >v< go right ahead!
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Cosmic-CoveStudent Digital Artist
Thank you so much~! I was worried it would be too close o3o 
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omg that sounds awesome <3
hope you get to make her X3
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Cosmic-CoveStudent Digital Artist
Oh, thank you! :3 She granted me permission, so I'll be sure to finish up her information soon~
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That's pretty astonishing. I really like the idea and her design in general
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