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Through The Cracked Mirror party 5 MLP



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I flew as fast as I could, feeling my heart thumping. PonyVille. How could I forget? I felt my wings pound the air. I ignored my heavy breathing from lack of exercise I needed to apologize. So, so much. I plummeted down almost crashing to the ground. The dust below scattered to all sides from my impact. I landed clumsily and bolted to my former home. I grinned in glee as I saw familiar buildings. Lots of things had changed but many things were still the same. I glanced around unable to hold in my joy. Ponies eyed me in surprise and began to bow. Normally I would have told them to stop but I was in such a hurry that I couldn’t. I ran past the crowd and look around in a hurry. An elderly pony with frizzled sat against a tree. She looked terribly sad… I looked away awkwardly. After a while, I decided to go try to cheer her up. I began to walk towards her and she raised her head slowly. I stopped as the pony began to gape at me. Her eyes widened and she tried to run to me as fast as she could. She swung her arms around me. “Twilight!” she rasped. My ears twitched. She sounded so familiar. I studied her features. Then I realized in shock. “Pinkie Pie?” She hugged me tightly, but only so much as her frail body could allow.  I felt my heart stop. Why? What had happened. “I’m s-sorry.” I began to sob. She smiled sadly and looked at me. “You were a princess after all.” I sniffed. "Where are the others?" She gazed away uncomfortably. "They've passed away twilight." I felt myself freeze. I felt cold. So cold. My mind imploded. I screamed and ran away from her. Running blindly I crashed into a building and then I heard the sound of cracking. I saw small glass shards on the floor and looked up dully. A mirror? I sat there unable to move. Suddenly the mirror began to waver. A small filly began to slowly form. She looked at me with sparkling eyes. Admiration. Such innocence and happiness. I shut my eyes and slowly turned away. "I'm nothing to be proud of.. Twilight sparkle.

my friend wrote it I'm just drawing for it.

I messed up and found I new colouring style lol

I have to do work so much procrastination. I can read comments just can't reply to almost anything atm sorry

THIS SHALL GO ON! The ending isn't all that sad ;) but I won't spoil it

Characters(c) Hasbro

time: 2.5 hr

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:iconponynyxplz::iconsays3plz:I know how you feel, mother.
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Oh my gosh.. This is so- sad..
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Just wondering, but will this be continued?
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Awesome! Mind if I use this in a video? I'l give you full credit and a link in the description! :D 
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Twilight Sparkle (happy cry) plz Pikachu Crying Plz Crying Mako Miuna Crying Icon Five Nights at Freddy's - Crying Child Jake crying plz Pikachu crying 
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jeez... why must others think of this? We want to believe the bearers are all immortal now because of the rainbow power, so twi wouldn't have to go through this
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what brushes do you use in sai?
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this is one of the most beautiful and yet saddest things that I've ever seen and read ... 
Sayaka Maizono (Shy) [V1] Snif..Is Beautiful..Onion
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I cri very time ;-;
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DAMNIT!!!!!! i cried when i read the whole fucking series :cries:
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No wonder they stopped coming, she lost all track of the years as they went by and she never noticed.  Some friend she turned out to be.  What would her parents have said if they were still around?  She didnt even have a chance to say goodbye to them or her friends.
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So you're a god now....but that's not what you wanted.
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Right in the childhood... T-T
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I don't need a sad story right now, so Ill just appreciate the cool new coloring style.
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Such a beautiful drawing and such a sad story.
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Your style is precious :D Amazing job! It´s brightness is perfect :) 
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