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MLP comic: IATQ 7

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Finally huh? yeah i'm terribly slow >o>''''
but yay completion! 
sorry if it seems rushed ^~^''''
i didn't really notice until i finished it ugh TToTT
or if any spelling mistakes occur 

Characters belong to hasbro 
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its really nice, i like this comic alot. keep up the good work. the lines are a bit flimsy, but lining things up isn't needed when the story line is this good!

also i haven't seen a mlp story like this before. i might be a noob anyway, well! it really shows a lot of effort.

you keep the endings of the page good, so that people will keep coming back, and checking upon it, as if you updated, really great.

i still like even though its a but flimsy you keep the traditional art style of the show. and the pages just keep on getting better and better.

Good Job! Keep Up!
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Crissy has a awesome and understanding mother^^
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You know I'm crying now, right??? 
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gonna put you on watch
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I'm dying to see more, this is dark and I really like the art-style!  Love, love, love!

That asshole guard, fuck him!
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cant wait for the next one <3
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This is a really great story, and I can't wait to see more.
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I read them all- wow, i love all of your many art styles, this one is adorable!! ^w^ and the story, that's deep... I love this so much :D I hope you continue this soon (unless this is the end, of course, in which case it was wonderful) :3
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She broke off his horn.




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He deserved it for trying to kill her daughter. 
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True, true, but still... OUCH... so painful, but he more or less shrugs it off!
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just read through all 7, OMG this is so good
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eeeee the feels ;n;
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he's so mean!!!!
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Damn guards are so f*cking paranoid it makes me angry. But that means you're doing a great job telling the story. So, keep up the good work!
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Aww poor Luna D': , lucky Cryssy's mother arrived in time to save his daughter .... About page, it's great! captures well the feelings and colors blend perfectly :D
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