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MLP Derpy and Doctor Free


Free valentine card for all!

did this because massively requested can't wait to get hate that comes along with it

not the cheesy type of person but well why not

got to go work can't reply, will read, thank you!

MLp belong to Hasbro

do anything with this except steal and commercially use or edit

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Did you do a request?
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...and doc.....
i love doc just as much! but yeah i just love your style sooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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aaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!!!!! dod you do commissions? Its adorable!
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I almost cry with this! How did you create this amazing artwork!?
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omg that is adorable!!!!!
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Cruz your amazing just the way you are....
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Love isn't blind. It gives people the ability to accept things in others we would not normally allow ourselves to.
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Omg so cuuuteeerr
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Do u do free requests?
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i love this shipping <3 <3
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I ship Roseluck x Whooves but this is still cute.
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Adorable art. Very good job.
♥ Brohoof ♥
I love this so so so much >.<"
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i think my pride just sprung a leak.... and it wont stop!
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AAAAAA I LOVE THIS IT'S SO CUTE I love the lighting and the colors in this~~
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