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MLP C: Long day and long thoughts

Hahah I'm so slow and such a jalkdfja
Also computer did bad thing and screw me :/
This is a commission for Overbear C:
I ended up adding a bit more stuff since I felt the sketch was sorta empty looking I hope that's fine. 
They requested their OC who's a firefighter to be taking a shower. 
And if you know me, manmade structures and interior is something I suck at drawing. I think I learned a lot drawing this which was pretty cool. I also scrolled through at least 6 pages of bathroom design interior on google images which was also cool. Dramatic lighting will forever be my savior in drawings :")
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Fantastic work! I love it! :thumbsup: :D
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Great artstyle!
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You really captured the weary, worn out look in this picture. When I saw the thumbnail in my notifications, I immediately thought "this looks like an EMT or firefighter after a long day". I hope she's OK...
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Thank you! I'm glad I got that worn out feeling in! `v`
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Such an amazing piece, I actually want that shower!
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XD thanks! I looked at lots of interior shower designs for this haha
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Thank you so much :) 
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`U` Thank you too~
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This piece is so calm 'n lovely.
You also could have fooled me, that bathroom looks freakin' great.
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Thank you so much! ;v; 
I'm glad it looks okay
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...and a long face.
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I don't think I'll ever have enough of your amazing colouring Aqua... ;O; :love:
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thank you konvee ;A; ajdflk;a 
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you're welcome love ;; :heart:
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r00d neked pone
reported 4 butt
good bai 5ever

(JK, this is really well done!)
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oh noes :'c
I draw neked pone now I must get ban
boot me off de site

Thank you `U`
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Looks excellent, tovarich.

Firefighters are cool, my brother is (or was? can't remember if he still does it) a volunteer firefighter. In my mind, they are the most honorable of all emergency workers. They put themselves on the line for others without potentially having to take lives to do so.
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Thank you `v`
Yeah firefighters are definitely very cool and I respect and appreciate what they do
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