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MLP AU : Twilight the dark witch

so I wanted to take a little break before working on a commission of celestia
Twilight's AU design is the only one without some form of armour so far
in this AU she's actually a dark magic user.

I have her story done but I need to think of details
If I can i'll do a comic ^~^'''
btw she used a curse she has markings and her tears are red  0v0
Other in the AU series
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Prepare for the rise of the Black Star...
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Prepare for the rise of the Black Star...:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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What software do you use?
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So pretty ! i love all the colours you used you can really tell all the effort and time that you put in to every single piece of art 
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Absolutely Beautiful!
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the beautiful colors go together to form an amazing rainbow of pinks and purples
this is like the best art i have ever seen you are better than vincent van gogh.
the mane is really detailed along with the vibrant beautiful eyes, and the texture of the fur is fantastic. the marking on her leg looks great too.
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:33< i could just feel the power with this combination
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So much awesome for just one picture.
Your artwork is absolutely amazing!!:love: 
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wow! this is very gorgeous Love 
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Np :) You deserve all this praise! This piece of art is truly magnificent :D
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New smartphone background... check!

Absolutely awesomazing work, dude. I really love that artstyle. Keep it up!
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I'm not a big fan of Twilight Sparkle but this is awesome!! <3
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Do you mind if I use this as coverart for a fic?
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wait it looks like she's crying. Why is she crying?
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some youi culd do it more shaper picture bit is still asome
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I know you some tutorials but is there a chance you could do one like this with the painting style, I don't know if that help you see my point at all or not (really bad at explaining things) but if you do get it and you see how it's different that would be great and if you want we can make it an art trade and I'll try to use the tutorial after and so then you get two pieces of art for one after I'm ungrounded if that's ok.
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