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such a work of art! wow!
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don't judge yourself to hard ,its awesome!!!
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Beautiful cloud effects here. :)
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Nicely done. Looks almost like a water color painting. Ive tried using painttool SAI, coulldnt get a handle on it.
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Oo those colours work amazingly for this! And I like the unorthodox layout of this piece with the bubbles and that nice window to fill the space!
Very well done!
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Yeah... that's definitely something I can't do.
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Oh my, this is beautiful! :love: I absolutely love it!
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omg this is sooo pretty! i just love your art!
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Every art piece you make is absolutely stunning! I love the colors so much!! :D
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Just Beautiful as always
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The colors are nice and the effects are lovely. I think though, that IF you wanted to change it, it might benefit from a darker background. What with the colors and her character.
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thanks for your suggestion! >w<
DalroththeWarlock's avatar
Your welcome. Hopefully it didn't seem harsh.
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ooooo the colour palette here is just amazing. I love the starscape behind her. Must've taken a while to dot in all those stars, eh?
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Thanks! and pfft I'm not that patient I just dot one layer and then copy, paste the layers XDDD
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The pose and background are splendid! I'm loving the cloudy mane and the impact effects on the hooves.
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thank you very much! >w<
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