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Friends and idols edition sketches
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Published: December 26, 2016
Phew an entire day of drawing and I'l finally donnnee :')
Its been an interesting year, I haven't been on for the majority of the second half unfortunately. So I haven't kept in touch with most of the people I used to and that always sucks. I'm really sorry I haven't ;w;''''''
But here we go!
1. Earthsong9405 
One of my biggest inspirations on DA like her art is so beautiful just look at her Gallery if you haven't already! And also, this is her nextgen character! They look so amazing ;o; in fact every one of the designs I see earthsong make is like fantastic *O* I had the great honour of meeting Earthsong a while back at bronycon and uuuuu wish I could go again :(. Thanks so much for being so nice and amazing like both personality and art >v< 
Another senpai I also got to meet at bronycon last year too huffff thank you for being so sweet and the picture too haha :'3 She's one of earliest mlp artists I watched because have you seen those smooth drawing and colours? *O* 
Thank you so much for all your kind comments and gifts, even though I was a butt sometimes and late replying haha  :iconlazycryplz:
4. Katputze
We started watching each other a long time ago and I think its been really fun to see each other's art change haha XD The realism in your art is fantastic! That detaill :O We haven't talked too much recently, but I hope your doing well!
5. LeafyFox
when i started off I didn't have a lot of watchers and pretttttty bad art too.. So thank you for inspiring me to keep drawing when I first started off with my bad drawings haha, it meant a lot c:
6. Konveekou 
I think we met in a pretty funny way haha XD but ahhh I've loved seeing your art so much and watching your livestreams when i do manage to catch them. (psst you're really cute XD, those livestream reactions uweee ) Thank you always for all those kind comments and being so sweet ;u; I've been a butt and inactive though mm but I promise I still stalk your drawings *p*
7. SpiderShii 
Ayyyyyyyyyyyy We need to hang out during the break C:< My closest friend whom i've been friends for many years. Has some amazing line skill. its a long long story, she really got me into drawing in almost every aspect your could think of. An amazing person and I think some rivalry between us inspired me to draw harder haha XD

Anyways, happy holidays to you all and all my watchers as well,  onwards to next year!
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haha I can definitely say the same about your art too! Oh you were my biggest inspiration from the beginning and even now that I've seen so many other great artists you still are <333
I love the drawing you did of pony-me soooo so much!!! it's super adorable and...the colors aaaa I love them so much every time x3
and ohh my god you are the queen of drawing hair! have I said that before? xD

True we haven't been talking for a long time which is really sad... I'm online so little but I will try my best! >o<
Anywaysies, I hope you had a good start into the new year too mwah mwah...oh yeah and happy valentines day xD <3
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Earthsong9405Professional Filmographer
These are absolutely gorgeous, and thank you so much for including Vega! It was a real pleasure to meet you, and hopefully you'll get to attend Bronycon soon again! C:
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Celebi-YoshiProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you Aqua! I got to see your picture yesterday and I've been thinking about it since then but haven't been able to comment. >3<

As always, I'm honored to be your senpai, and you are my senpai too! :3 Your pictures always brighten my day and inspire me. I remember one picture in particular you drew for me around last Christmas that helped me when I was feeling sad (of my friends OC's), and I was thinking about that again this year. And I've had the picture you gave me at Bronycon up on my wall ever since then :3 Thank you for always being a dear :3

Happy holidays and new year! I look forward to some more time for drawing and improving. :>
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My dear Aqua, look what you've done ;O; :love:
So many beautiful pieces.. such a strong comeback with a beautiful surprise <33 You never cease to amaze us all..
You are so lovely and sweet, you know that?? Q v Q :heart: I can never have enough of your colourful works <3 I am always excited to see the next concept you'll come up with.. Thank you for always being a huge support to me <33 The streams are so much brighter when you join ;; I wish I had time to join your recent one ;; I promise one day I'll make it there :hug:

Ahhhhhhh the gift is so lovely ;; :icontoracryplz: It pretty much describes my current situation ;a; i absolutely love it!! It made my day q v q <3333333333 *hugs tight and never let's go* sO MUCH DETAIL //criesuariver asdfg I LOVE THE WAY YOU DREW THEM BOTH, they are my soul.... my everything.......... TT^TT <3333 ahhhHHHHHH DSFG I wish I could express my gratitude but words will never be enough.. thank you so much ;; :huggle:

Happy Holidays sweetheart! I hope 2017 will bring you what 2016 couldn't <33 I wish you the best <33 take some good rest this holiday season!!
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y0waifuStudent Digital Artist
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IBAIPshowProfessional Artist
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I've so missed your gorgeous art and you've given us quite a comeback with all these recent ones!
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LeafyFoxHobbyist Photographer
I'm glad that you're still going strong with your art. I also feel honored to be mentioned by such a talented artist as yourself. I'm sorry that I haven't been on that much. I've been going through some things and work, but this was a pleasant surprise so thank you for this. Here's to another year of your excellent work!
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