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Published: November 11, 2013
Guides to an art trade! 
First of all what is an art trade(AT)?
An art trade is when two artists exchange art, this is usually done between friends.
1. Reading the status: Before you ask to have an art trade with someone… Consider Whether or not it is a good idea. You should always CHECK THEIR RULES AND STATUS, to see whether they are open or not. It can be very frustrating to an artist if people constantly ask them for an art trade if they are too busy and closed.
2. Who are you trading with? Also, you should make sure the artist you are trading with is reliable; you should usually never trade with new artists since they may be thieves which are very common. With that being said, you should also hold up your part of the deal and not ditch. This is very rude to the other artist.
3. Patience: You should never rush the other artist unless you had agreed on a deadline when you asked them for a trade. Always remember that artists have lives and they cannot spend their whole life appealing to the needs of watchers. They also have no right to rush you either. If you think they’ve forgotten, it’s completely fine to give them a friendly reminder, as long as you are careful with your tone.
4. Skill and time: One of the neglected parts of an art trade is this. Although this sounds offensive, many artists will not be willing to trade with certain people due to skill. (Trust me I would never ask for a trade with my idols because I know I suck XD) You should always regard this no matter how rude it sounds. Think of Pokémon or trading in general. You would not trade a Giratina, Groudon or whatever for a Rattata or Pidgey. The same way you wouldn’t trade an artifact vase for a normal vase. Sometimes, you should also realize that the artist is busy with other things and the time they spend on their artwork is too heavy to add another slot for art trade. This is always disappointing to hear but sometimes it’s how things are no matter how harsh. (Wishes I could trade with Tsitira360… :iconlazycryplz: I’m not even going to ask.) * If you are friends with the artist you are trading with you may ignore this! C:
Overall, an art trade is supposed to be a fun event between artists. You have the right to reject a trade. They do to. Never harass the artist you are trading with.
Well something a bit different since I don’t have time to draw much lately. I hope this helps you!

Have any questions?

feel free to ask c:

This Is just my opinion don't kill me plz :iconlazycryplz:

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J4BHobbyist Digital Artist
We all have our idols that we look up to.
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Mariex911xHobbyist Digital Artist
well, I'm sorry if this is dumb, but do you currently take art trades?
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nekotigerfireHobbyist Traditional Artist
Look, I just looked at your art recently and its freaking amazing. True its not :icongriffsnuff: or some other amazing artists I cant think of, but I do an art trade with you (though I have no time and still need to practice with my new tablet) but dont ever say your art isnt equal
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HollyBjeamStudent Traditional Artist
Ha, I completely agree with this. ^3^
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HollyBjeamStudent Traditional Artist
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FurPuffHobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry I'm late with the trade, technical difficulties... :iconembarrasedplz:
But you shouldn't say your art sucks!
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KiNgsOmEStudent Digital Artist
Wait, what!!!? Your art is sucks!!!? No your art is so beautifulLove , even I still can't draw like you ( just learning your style, aaagh it's so difficult Cutie Depressed - 13 NaNoEmo #5 ).
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nati11184Hobbyist General Artist
Great guide :clap:
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crazydoodl3rStudent General Artist
=Tsitra360 is an amazing artist, but so are you ^^ Both your styles are very different, but you both make amazing work :heart:
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L-StorytellerStudent Writer
...omai. : DDDDDDDDDDD
Shut up. Just shut up, honeybuns. :3
Because if your art sucks in any possible way, it means that MY art is a pile of vomit and crap with flies flying around it.
Just... don't say that when I'm actually looking up to you.
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Haha i read that wrong i thought it said you said your art sucked. Silly silly me. Your art is amazing and i hate the fact i can't afford commissioning you. Anywho this was a very helpful info and i shall take this info into consideration when i make my next request. :3
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MalWintersStudent Digital Artist
Wait wait wait... your art sucks? With all due respect I must heavily disagree! You've got a unique and distinct style, first off, but beyond that you display amazing uses of color and light effects in your work. :3 But enough fan-ish gushing from me. XD

But anyhoo, as to the other, and main points, of your post here, you delineate some great guidelines for those of us (m'self included) who have never really entered into the mysterious world of art trades. It seems like the best idea is to remain respectful at all times; not just of the artist's availability but also for noticeable gaps in skill level. Everyone wants a fair trade, after all! :3
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Bow-StitchesHobbyist General Artist

Pshh are you kidding? Your art is prefect :'D

plus, you're my idol :iconlalalaplz:

Ps, I'm secretly rainbowdashsoarin :3

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sunneadoptsHobbyist Digital Artist
The unwritten rules of art trades... have been written!
Don't say your art sucks, your work is beautiful c:
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