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AquaGalaxy's Profile Picture

yooo what is a schedule its I can't seem to find it in my dictionary.
Probably won't post stuff regularly, I'm alive tho don't worry.
(also university sucks gimme back highschool)

I draw pones
I occasionally do trades and collabs
Ask me via note and I guess details if possible and I'll take up the offer if I think it sounds fun! C:
Requests are special and usually for friends so please stop begging me for requests .... ;3;'''
However, i commonly take canon pone requests when I'm streaming
so drop by for a visit!

Q: Can I use your art as an album cover, story etc
A: Go right ahead! :)
*note: If the work is commissioned you have to ask the commissioner if they are okay with it
Q: What program do you use to draw?
A: Mostly SAI paint tool, I use PS to blur and adjust atmosphere after though

Q: Can I have a request
A: I draw gifts when I feel like it so nah.

Q: Art trade or collab?
A: currently closed indefinitely until I get my shit together. Also if you're going to ask for an art trade please consider if it'd be mutually beneficial. I don't mind traditional art but if your definition of an art trade is a pencil trace of some image you found on google with edits you should consider the perspective of those you are trading with.

Q: Why don't you just block/ignore the haters instead of replying
A: Because I am a potato who likes goofing around with the haters. :)

Q: Where are you, why have you been inactive
A: Probably school. Or an existential crisis. Who knows.

Q: Do you sell prints
A: Nope sorry. Its a really messy process that I haven't quite figured out yet

Twinkle Twinkle hoy!
What do you ask of god Punpun?


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