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this is a pretty awesome tutorial about colors



"How can you make these colors work together?", here is my reply: try it

I'm not a magician, nor a supper dupper coloring master. I just actually TRY. And when something looks nice, i keep it.
I don't restrain myself with "uh too bright" or "ouch no, too much contrast".
Not everyone likes bright and saturated pictures, i know that, but it actually works for every color combinations.

You just have to pick that color and use it.

If you try different colos combinations, you'll find a saturation/hue that you'll like more than another one. Find your coloring style by trying everything, even green skin, blue hair, yellow trees WHO CARES. You are FREE so be free. Even if you want a X-mas hued picture, you are free to be as kitsch as you want.

You have the possibility of creating a world, do it.

color/colour: i'm french. it's all the same to me ok.

Edit: Holy guacamole, why are you all so bitter about this? I was asked a question, I reply, that's all D:
Not knowing about color theory makes me a terrible person? Well, if that's you want to think of me, go ahead :I
I wont take back what i've already said: The only rule in color to me (note the keywords) is experimenting.
Its almost as if noticing i didnt know about color theory made you change your mind about my work.

I never said "don't research on anything and stick with your present skills". If you want to look at color theory, that's FINE BY ME. Do it, if it helps you, if you can improve by using it.
The point of this message was
I just wanted to share how i feel about coloring, you are free to do whatever you want, you have the right to follow the rules, i just wish more people would go further...

That's all c:
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Thank you so much for this! It's so inspirational!