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this is a pretty awesome tutorial about colors

"How can you make these colors work together?", here is my reply: try it

I'm not a magician, nor a supper dupper coloring master. I just actually TRY. And when something looks nice, i keep it.
I don't restrain myself with "uh too bright" or "ouch no, too much contrast".
Not everyone likes bright and saturated pictures, i know that, but it actually works for every color combinations.

You just have to pick that color and use it.

If you try different colos combinations, you'll find a saturation/hue that you'll like more than another one. Find your coloring style by trying everything, even green skin, blue hair, yellow trees WHO CARES. You are FREE so be free. Even if you want a X-mas hued picture, you are free to be as kitsch as you want.

You have the possibility of creating a world, do it.

color/colour: i'm french. it's all the same to me ok.

Edit: Holy guacamole, why are you all so bitter about this? I was asked a question, I reply, that's all D:
Not knowing about color theory makes me a terrible person? Well, if that's you want to think of me, go ahead :I
I wont take back what i've already said: The only rule in color to me (note the keywords) is experimenting.
Its almost as if noticing i didnt know about color theory made you change your mind about my work.

I never said "don't research on anything and stick with your present skills". If you want to look at color theory, that's FINE BY ME. Do it, if it helps you, if you can improve by using it.
The point of this message was
I just wanted to share how i feel about coloring, you are free to do whatever you want, you have the right to follow the rules, i just wish more people would go further...

That's all c:
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Thank you so much for this! It's so inspirational!
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How do you get that white outline on the words? I have seen so many people do that, and it looks awesome.
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1. Layer style
2. Stroke
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Good one!!! XD
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i find good colOUURSS in nature :D...n stuff
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"Mix common sense with yer book learnin' in all things" and "try all the things" is what this says to me~ If that's what you meant, thank you - I don't play with my colors as much as should, now that I think about it.
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The BEST Tutorial EVA!!
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It's an awesome tutorial! :iconilikeitplz: I think it's wonderful to tell us that you also have no clue about colour theory :'D
That's so honest. And it makes me believe that I can become as good as you someday <3
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THIS is the best tutorial EVAR. :iconiloveitplz:

Though I'm not some prick who thinks learning color theory is oh-so essential in art, one thing's for sure: Art is not mathematics. D:

I agree with you completely! :D This is the 21st Century, for crying out loud! It's nice to experiment with colors without considering the rules in color theory (Though I do read a handful of Color Theory tuts here in deviantART, and they only helped me a little ^^;)
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epic choice of words * U *
....are people really getting so worked up about it?
color theory, is, well, just a theory. "theory" is only an idea, not a proven fact. :) who says we cannot have any other ideas?
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Ha. I don't even seeeeeeeeee christmas colors anymore.... I see Draco and Harry.... Slytherin and Gryffindor. Ha! :blush:

But I agree! Colors are there to be explored and to express yourself with. No limits. :nod:
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Thanxs for the great advice
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x3 I love how people are getting all sensitive about color theory
I agree with :iconnews-from-bree:~♥

also, In my opinion, color theory is confusing.
It's much easier to just let go and play with colors =3=
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x3 I love how people are getting all sensitive about color theory
I agree with :iconnews-from-bree:~♥

also, In my opinion, color theory is confusing.
It's much easier to just let go and play with colors =3=
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seriously are people being bitter about this
color theory does you absolutely no good if you think "well the words said this so i'll just not even try" TRY EVERYTHING IF YOU DON'T TRY THINGS HOW CAN YOU KNOW. yes, it is good to know color theory but if you don't experiment for yourself then you might as well not know and just muck around in grayscale instead (which grayscale is not bad but guys, knowing blue and orange are complimentary colors is worthless knowledge if you don't understand for yourself how they compliment each other; reading books on color theory does not mean you know more than someone who has actually gotten down and dirty and thrown all their fingerpaints together; tbh they probably know more than you)
experimenting is important as artists we kind of need to experiment or else we'll die sad shrivelly deaths in small cramped boxes
gosh don't be stupid snobs at least be smart
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also no wait guys
science is not limiting you stop
science doesn't create rules you have to obey
science defines 'rules' that already exist to give you a greater understanding
some people like senri come by this understanding on their own without having to read books about it
other people find books helpful
color theory is not some sort of cage, it's a way of understanding how things work that can make your life as an artist a whole lot easier if you want
science as it pertains to art is about the knowledge of what is pleasing to the eye, and why it is. it's about how your brain affects how you perceive works of art and how works of art can manipulate your perception of them.
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If it's your way of working, then good for you! :) but....

I find this very contradictory and borderline pretentious to be claiming that you "think outside the box" colour wise, because you don't. At all. Just by going through your gallery, I can pretty much call rules of colour theory on every single one of your pieces. None of your works are "outside the box" when it comes to colour, they're beautiful works, but they ALL obey rules of colour theory. Your gallery is gorgeous, but obeys all rules and is far from looking "experimental".

Colour theory is simply a way that humans could put words onto something that we naturally work with. We tend to do that ;) A quick example from your own gallery: [link] : The dominant colour, Blue, makes its complimentary colour, Orange, appear richer and more pleasing on the eyes. The focus is directly on the girl. The human brain is wired to be attracted to contrasts and movement to detect danger, so anything that sticks out like orange-on-blue will automatically trigger receptors in our brain. When the brain can latch onto a target super-fast, it feels more comfortable, more reassured.

The same rules applies to these works from your gallery:
lightblue on yellow, complementaries [link]
green on magenta/red, more complementaries! [link]
purple/pink on green/blue, complementaries again [link]

... and that's just random examples of the simplest rule of all found in your gallery. ;)

I'm saying it again, your work is beautiful, but obeys perfectly to colour theory and is in no way "experimental" looking. You simply follow the rules naturally without stepping outside the box (you might step outside your own comfort zone, but never step into unique colour combinations).
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Did you mean that every hue can go together with every other?

I mean, there are just colors (aka combinations of hue, saturation and brightness) that will not work with some other colors... Like hot pink and neon green. :V! At least not without a lot of other colors to even things out.
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Lmao yeeeeeees <3
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I know about color theory. I don't give a damn c: Contrasting is fun! I like doing the same in my work :3
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super tuto de la mort qui tuer =_=
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