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Wanted to make a special pic for this new year, but i failed to put a "new year spirit" and all the stuff. BUT it means a lot to me as i want to make this year special!
Did a pic of Sachi because he is obviously the character i care the most about (i'm not gonna say "my favorite" because there will be jealousy going on in my head the whole week if i do...).
I'm a little tired of hiding from everything because of my fears or laziness so my resolution is to make my dream come true THIS YEAR. and not another one.

Hope you too, will see your dream come true this year, or enjoy it as much as you can if it already happened (kudos to you!!)

Anyway, I hope you'll have a wonderful year, full of happiness, kittens and chirping birds!! (also, rainbows, unicorns, waffles and hugs. Lots of hugs)!

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Waah, love the colors!! >u<
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I could've sworn I made a smart ass comment about this picture?
Oh well..
(You win some, and lose more...)
PandaMGA's avatar
I always love your style and color : )
Happy new year! >w</
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I love your use of colors. It would be great if you made a tutorial or give us tips/techniques on using different colors for shading/highlighting etc.

Great job!
SolarbearSucks's avatar
Stop being the best artist ever. Seriously. Everyone's mad and quitting art.

XD <3
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I think i'm going to marry the colours in this picture. D:
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Hey this is really cool! I really love the choice of colors and the excitement that you've put into this piece of artwork. I'm going to have a little gander at the rest of your gallery now so expect many more faves to come! Oh and go for it! Make this year your year and I hope that all of your dreams do come true. Best of luck :3
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So so cool~!!! :iconasdfghplz:
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I really hoe that your dream will come trus this year *hug*
And if I can help with anything don't hesitate ok ?

Love you so much sen-sen <333
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what you can do with colors can brighten up even a gloomy rainy day like today - thank you!
candy-inkdrop's avatar
The colours used are so pretty and yet clash and mix! It's pretty cool how you do that!
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Good luck with whatever your dream is! :heart:
koreanricequeen's avatar
I believe in you, and I wouldn't say that to just anyone!
loonymond's avatar
beautiful,colorful,wonderful :+favlove: 4x
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I love your use of color! ^^ And you have such a nice resolution~ Happy New Year! May you fulfill your dreams! :D
ColtDee's avatar
Your resolution is amazing and I hope I too can dedicate this year to pursuing my dream to the fullest :D youre awesome (you too Sachi!)
Sennel's avatar

Uwaah, I love it. May your dream come true and happy new years!!
BonnieHarmony's avatar
the bright colours and the energy in this picture are amazing! Happy new year to you too :D
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I'd missed this little guy, his smile is a great way to start the year! Your color palette is amazing as usual!
Happy new year to you too and best wishes for 2013!!
Shikainnu's avatar
I absolutely loveeee the spirit and energy in this!!!! He's quite the cutie in this pic :D.
Hope your dreams comes true this year!
CactusMaid's avatar
Happy new year X3
TheGirlWithFire's avatar
Awhhh, FANTASTIC job!! :iconawwwplz:
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