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Hello everyone, after more than a year I'm back! Just a few updates.
First of all... I finally got PAINTER 11! I had the pack delivered yesterday. It's amazing, and I hope to get the best out of it!
Second, this summer I've been on a prolific holiday- I've finished one painting and made 3 more oil paintings (considering that I normally spend over a year on a painting, I'm really happy about that ;) ). Hope I'll find the time to post them in the next week.
Third... well, we don't need numbers,right? So.. NEXT, "my wishes for the new year":

. Keep on painting with any plausible media, I got loads of things I wanna paint and so little time :)
. Work less without becoming poor (this was my wish for this and the past 2 years ;)
. Meditate - it helps a lot
. Improve my personal website

That's it for now... Peace and love to you all!

(P.S. for those who may be asking themselves... yes, I read a book about karma :D and found it interesting)
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Hi folks, after a long silence I'm coming back... It's ALWAYS a busy time, and I'm really tired of that.

Well, apart from complaining about my fast life... Last thursday I went to see Transformers 2 with some friends: what a delusion! The cinema hall was crowded, and maybe we arrived with too much expectations, but I went out of it with this clear thought: why Steven Spielberg and all these people involved in the film making spent so much effort to do a such useless film?
It was poor in the plot (and we expected that, but not so much), badly dubbed (I'm Italian), definitely TOO STUPID even for children (if I had children, I wouldn't take them to see it)

Even if we speak technically, it was worse than the first film: ok, they spent a lot of money in special FX, but (and my friends agreed on this) fighting scenes were too fast and "crowded", robot colors became undistinguishable so that you kept asking yourself "what the... is happening?". It's cool to see, but not as the first one was.

I think it's a shame that such bad cinema can make people earn so much money. It's like saying "ok, our audience is made up of idiots: let's give them plenty special FX, a plot that could have been written by an alcoholic, some girls' bottom to stare at, and we'll become rich!". If it really works like that, it's at least a sad thing.

In fact, the best of the films I've seen lately is Star Trek. It's really well done under all points of view, has a good cast, an excellent photography, excellent specialFX, the plot is (as always) intricated and intriguing, and it is definitely exciting, more than Transf2. I started studying Warp drive theory an relativity after seeing it!
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Too busy for writing

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 24, 2008, 3:13 PM
Hello everyone!
I'm still alive and I wish I had some new works to post and/or a second to spend on #thumbshare, but I'm just too busy - working, painting (& trying to sell some of my pieces), selling old stuff on eBay, and visiting relatives (Easter time)...

Hey, I just discovered this new feature of journals...dragndrop of thumbnails!
I chose this one from my favourites because it's so a great piece of digital paint that I remember when I :+fav:ed it...
Arieth by south-wind

Hope 2 write some more soon, may the force be with you all fellas!

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Just moved XD

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 20, 2007, 5:26 AM
Hi everyone, I've been offline for a long time -just because I MOVED!!!

I went to live with my girl, before (for the past 5-five years) I had to share an apartment with 4 guys...I must say that now the apartment is a bit smaller but it feels really, REALLY MUCH BETTER....

I don't have Internet at home yet, so I won't be uploading anything for a while.
Anyway, I'm happy with my new house and my new life... so cheers to everyone and see you soon!
And, as greyhole :icongreyhole: (I think) said some weeks ago, ADSL just allows you to waste time (she didn't say so exactly,but I'm starting to feel this way ;) ).

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5k pageviews + we are back!!!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 30, 2007, 5:50 AM
Some news about the last hours...

  • I've just come back from my summer holidays, and ...

  • I've just found out I finally got 5.000 pageviews! :lol:
    I thank you all!

  • I got back my Intuos3 from Wacom :) , but...

  • :cry: it died again after just 3 hours it was plugged on my PC :eatshit:

  • riding the emotive wave of desperation, I tried to find something worth doing with a PC, and I installed Linux to a free partition of my HD. I'm writing this journal from the Linux side of my PC.
I also discovered the following (tech stuff follows):
  • Elive is a very nice Linux  liveCD distro, based on Debian+Enlightenment, which can install itself on a native partition (that is a non-Windows partition);

  • it can WRITE on NTFS partitions (it's the first I try and it's a lotta fun! :dance:, I've just found out that all Kernels since 2.6.12 have this feature).
    4 those who don't know what I'm talking  about, it means: I can see Windo$ hard disks and read/write them, while Windo$ cannot see the Linux partition and never will;

  • the SANE driver for my scanner (Epson Perfection 1250) works faster than the Epson's TWAIN5 driver for Windo$.

    I hoped my Intuos would come back to work, but it wasn't so. I'll finish my Eva02 with the other tablet I got, Volito :(

    As Rolling Stones said, "You can't always get what you want" ;)

    Bye everyone. :sleep:

    Update of 2007-08-30 follows...
    Just a week after postin' the journal, Intuos started to work again!! :party:
    Ok, I annoyed you enough with this the way, I'm painting (ON CANVAS) all day to finish a double commission for a friend of mine (deadline: 29 september)!

    For the ones interested in :tux: Linux...check out the EliveCd site (you've got to pay, but you can decide how much, to download it; however I found it also on DVDs which come with magazines... ):

    ...I'm part of
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Beware of Palladium - please spread the word

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 24, 2007, 3:45 PM
Or, some news you would never be told unless you search, and search...

Maybe you don't know the treats inside Windows Vista and the new MacOS...well, you'd better take some time to "Google" these keywords: TCPA (Trusted Computing Platform Alliance) and DRM (digital rights management). These technologies are out there to limit our freedom to share files (even the photos you shot,or your drawings' scans!), our own software (I mean the software you wrote), AND EVEN HARDWARE, coming to the absurdity of not allowing to swap an hard disk between 2 different PCs...

Please read and spread the word: I want technology to be useful and friendly, to make life easier, not to make a mess, or worse, to allow someone to easily monitor and control me. That's BigBrother reloaded!

In that case, I can (& will) sell my PC and start to paint only on canvas, and return to film photographs... ;)


The Google search for "no tcpa":…

Solo in italiano - italian only (sorry)…………

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Here is a work-in progress of Optimus Prime (YouTube video), I got it in a friend's mail:…

Yesterday I went to see the movie... :eyepopping: on a 15-metres cinema screen... :faint:
Some time ago I would have appreciated it less, saying "well, it's just a set of special FX"...
instead I LIKED IT A LOT!!! It's been a greatly powerful movie!!! Who cares!!!

As always, I took the time to watch the end titles and was astonished in reading-well, I tried-all the names of the animators. I think they were almost 100...

And this morning, while going to work, the cars seemed to have their own faces and expressions...  :D
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Digital colouring workshop

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 23, 2007, 10:52 AM
So, my tablet died...but after all I had another ;)

Whew... sometimes you feel so down you forget to look at what you really have! Last week I went to a digital colouring workshop, 3 days fulltime to learn the basics of digitally colouring comics... I feel a great relief, it was really a great time, and there is a good chance that I begin to work on a famous italian comic, & get paid for that!!!

So to end up, ok, my Intuos 3 is broken, but my old Volito 2 is still operating.... and at the workshop we used that model of tablet ! :D

Che figata! Avevo partecipato ad un solo altro workshop sui fumetti, l'anno scorso, e immaginavo che anche questo (tenuto dallo stesso autore) sarebbe stato un buon investimento di tempo!

A tutti i Devianti di Veneto&dintorni consiglio i prossimi workshop, li trovate qui:…

Il workshop a cui ho partecipato era tenuto da Emanuele Tenderini:

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My tablet died!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 1, 2007, 3:58 PM
That's it, dudes... I just turned my pc on to continue a digital drawing and... :omfg: my wacom Intuos 3, bought 3 months ago, just did not respond anymore!!!
I checked out the forum at wacom site, but the only clue i got is that it is probably broken. :raincloud: :brainless:
I got nothing more to say, I'd like tablets were never invented. I'm getting sick of all this fragile technology, I want a horse and an armour and a sword, and I want to be a medieval knight, or an ancient painter, or a sculptor, or one of the 1.000.000 professions which do not involve a PC. :frustrated:

I begin to hate this PC-based world. Well, not the world, I'm beginning to hate PCs... :sadangel:

Consolations are welcome!

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My first REAL journal...what's up and what passed

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 22, 2006, 3:32 PM
Hello everyone! I'm just emerging from one of the hardest times of my life...I switched from a (shitty) job to another and worked from 9am to 2am every day for nearly a month! :eyepopping:
Now it's getting better and better, I'm entering the world of video productions &,even if I'm a newbie, I'm enthusiast of my new job! :D
In a little time, I'll drown you in a cascade of deviations (both new and historical) and sketches! See you soon...

In italiano:
Ciao ragazzi! Sono reduce da uno dei periodi più stressati della mia vita...per passare da un lavoro (di mxxxx, mal retribuito e poco stimolante) ad un altro, perdipiù con un quadro commissionato che scadeva il 2 ottobre, ho dovuto lavorare per un mese dalle 9 di matina alle 2 di notte... al momento di andare a dormire ero così : :eyepopping: (o :dead: )... :ambulance:
Ora va meglio,sto entrando nel mondo delle videoproduzioni e anche se ancora non ne so niente sono entusiasta del mio nuovo lavoro!! Tant'è che a breve vi inonderò di immagini e schizzi ( =p
il gioco di parole non era voluto!)!

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Here's somethumb I've found recently... that's what I wanted to say, but I didn't know how to: I support our TROOPS by trinitylast

Well, I'm not 'merican, but I share the point of view.

I think it's artistic in the sense that it represents something simple, yet somehow hard to express, and I think that "artist" maybe is the one who manages to find a way to express something we all feel...