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Star dealys

By Aquacoon
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Heh, this is a long over due picture for Tobias! tobyf
heh i hope i did that icon command right, unless its not working on these...

Well anyways, this is just for him cause hes so nice and lovable and cute, a great artist and an all around good guy.

This is supposed to be me as Aquacoon, trying to show the constalations in the night sky to Tobias. Of course my knowledge of such is limited, so i made a small joke at how i have trouble distinguishing them. I'm supposed to be scritching Tobias's stomach for him. heh.

It's still in pencil stages, but i wanted to get it up nows. ^_^
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That's a cute'un. I like the dialogue here between the two characters. :)
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Heh thanks! but when you put a character like tobias with a character like aquacoon, the results can only be cute. heh.
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:laughing: That's so cute and funny (in more than one way too :evillaugh:)!
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Thanks! I was hoping i wasnt the only one who got it :3
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hehe .. i suppose a raccoon sees pretty much every constellation as the "ursa major" .. that's what i call reaching for stars :giggle: i bet you'll be a big raccoon later on, no doubt ^.^ this is a very cute and funny picture, and i thank you for that .. tobias' expression is adorable and so is aqua's .. the poses - i had a pretty hard time figuring out how exactly they're sitting, but i think i get it now .. you didn't draw yourself feet, did you? - look quite comfy, i'm sure this little seal enjoys lying there (even if aqua tends to mix up a handful of constellations :aww: ) .. well done :hug: :+fav:
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Your soo vewy welcome! and thanks for your response. Its always welcome. they always seem more lengthy and thought out than mine.. hehehe.
Ya, the pose.
Aquacoon is sitting crossed legged, and the overly cute seal is supposed to be laying over my lap, so i can skritch his stomach.
I had your hands hanging over behind you, and decided to give one some business, so i had it under my tail. hehehe. I also decided to have your tail up in the air a lil, cause i really wanted it in the picture.
glad you likes it! *:hugs:
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*giggles and curls up on aqua*
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chu chuu! *skritches the seals tummy* and thats orions belt! ....oh no...wait, thats my belt...DAMN YOU ORION!!!
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*purrs* to me all the thingies up there just look like .. well .. stars ^.^

pretty though :aww:
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Very cute... I can Teach the Aquacoon boi the constellations and stuff ;)
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I actualy know what ursa major and minor are. Theyre the big dipper and little dipper. There also supposed to be bears O.o..

Seriously, who the hell comes up with this stuff? Orion? why not just call it the hour glass er something. :3
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CUUUUTE! omg... i dont usually call things cute too!
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well then i best take it as a really good compliment! thankies!
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XD Yeah, you're right *runs from him* XD

cute by the way mew ^^
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*tackles da kitty* myah!
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hehe ^^ That is funny actually :)

Tom :rose:
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I was hoping the humour would makes it funs for alls who werent involved. lol
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