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lol my last journal was exactly a full year ago. A trainwreck period for me who can't bear to part with my free time for drawing because work was starting. I thought this was going to be a really terrible year.

Yeah I know 2016 was terrible something something celebrity deaths something. I blame a certain gorilla's publicity.

For me it was a year of great changes. I'd already graduated university and started my job at a software company. The work itself is fine but I still spend long hours out of home. Blame the commute, blame the frequent overtimes etc. Despite all the company benefits, I was spending less and less time drawing. Or so I thought.

Just today while looking back at my year's work I noticed at least 30 new pieces; sketches, full works, that 'original character' comic I made back in June, those were all this year's stuff. I was quite surprised honestly; I thought with all my time spent at work and relatively less on art, I wasn't producing as much as I would have wanted, when the fact was I made as much, if not more art than last year when I wasn't working. Could be me using my free time better or something, I don't know, but it felt good.

2016summary by aquabluu
Highlights of my art year: 2016 art summary

I was trying to push for improvement in a lot of areas, most of all my humans and landscaping and composition skills. I think I've made good headway in them; had a lot of proud moments in the part few months particularly. Bought several artbooks to refer to when I wasn't working. Plus, this year I've also set up a Facebook page to promote my art to the local community, and it's been working out better than I expected.

The big kicker was being able to fulfill a minor dream of my own; setting up an art booth at an artist's alley in an anime-comic-game convention, sharing the booth with a few others :) I was selling some Pokemon badges and prints; it was the time of my life and I loved it! Maybe I'll come for more events next time~

15536966 1682019815148916 1046802592 O by aquabluu
My badges! They look even better up close and for real!

All in all I guess it was a good thing that there were so many changes for me personally this year; it motivated me to work harder at the things I truly loved in the limited time I had, and, despite a lot of crying in bed and seriously depressing moments, helped me grow as a person. I know I'm not perfect yet. I still throw childish tantrums and get upset over some things that don't go my way...but I'll work on that. I'll improve and become an even better person next year. Both as an artist and as a software engineer.

Happy New Year everyone~
The year's come to an end huh? Everyone's posting their reflections and resolutions and stuff on their pages. You guys are all so full of hope and have overcome many things~

2015's been a long year of emotional stress for me. It was my final year in a Software Engineering major, which meant tons of projects and work. It really cut down on my time for art and working on my stories...just when I was starting to get in the swing of things again since late last year too. I didn't want to stop drawing, so instead, I compensated by staying up a little later each night to work on my skills and push out more art. I worked hard, trying to improve as much as I could. I'm tired, but at least I got to draw. I was happy for that.

Half a month from now I'll be entering the workforce. Yep, got myself a software job. It's really not all that bad; pay is pretty good, the work environment looks nice, but there's still one thing that's been nagging at me, and caused me a ton of emotional stress during this year.

I won't be able to draw as much as I want to.

Drawing's been one of the things I wanted to do the most in my life. I wanted a career in it, doing stuff like character designs, or making a nice story through a comic book, or a game, or 3D animation. I love the idea of creating characters and seeing them come to life, and have everyone else fall in love with them as much as I did. It was my biggest dream.

I was pushed into medicine due to pressure from my parents and relatives. I quit halfway through and took up software engineering. I didn't get to go into art at all, so I remain as I am right now; a self-taught amateur. I tried so hard to improve to a professional level, but I just can't get to that same level, ugh.

Directly saying I wanted to do art would just cause a shitstorm. I tried to show my passion indirectly through working hard at drawing. I wanted to see if working hard at it would at least show the people around me that I enjoyed doing art and wouldn't mind if it was something I did for a living. Maybe if I could produce quality art, opportunities would be open for me. But well, I'm too far into this path. I couldn't improve to a professional level, no matter how hard I tried this year. I couldn't change anything.

I'm so, so scared that once I go into work, I wouldn't have the time or energy to pursue my dream, nor would I be in the right path for it, and it would just fade away into nothingness. I'd probably have a better-than-average life, but as far as my dreams are concerned, I don't know if they'll ever come true...

I don't know how many times I've cried over this for the past half a year. If it wasn't for :iconcoroquetz: supporting me emotionally I probably would have been a lot worse off right now.

Next year? I don't really have much planned for next year. Go into work, earn money, that's it. I don't know how much more I can develop in my art with my time getting so limited from here on out.

Feels a bit hopeless, doesn't it? Guess that's just life.
:iconlollothevaporeon: pls

1. You must specify your OC Details in the following questions
2. No tag backs
3. You can tag up to 5 people

A bit premature to tag; I only have two OCs in the bag right now...wait. Three. Yeah I'll go with three.

Aquabluu: my namesake cute little girl water fairy
Marinbluu: Aqua's older brother
Hollie: A fairy of nature (from another world) whom Aquabluu meets at some point in her adventure

1) What's your biggest dream?
Aquabluu: I wanna see lots of new places and worlds...and have lots of fun!
Marinbluu: To be mayor of Lumii! I need to get out of this defense force job first though
Hollie: I'm looking for a paradise! A place with lots of sunshine and bright, white flowers and cool breezes, some really otherworldly scenery....that sort of thing.

2) What's your favorite color?
Aquabluu: Kind of obvious XD
Marinbluu: Dark blue!
Hollie: Pink and white!

3) What's your talent?
Aquabluu: I know some really cool water magic! I'll show it to all of you sometime~
Marinbluu: I'm a good leader! I think...
Hollie: I can meditate for 5 hours straight! Doesn't sound like much but let's see you hold out that long, heheh

4) Tell us about your family! (Siblings, Mother, Father...)
Aquabluu: Big bro's right next to me! He's the coolest! My mom and dad are gone
Marinbluu: *hugs Aqua* We have each other, but too bad mom and dad aren't around anymore
Hollie: I have a younger brother, Aeolus, who's a little spacey, and a little sister, Lynn. I haven't seen her in a while. Mom and dad are gone

*the three of them look at each other all talking about dead parents* "Yooooooooooooooooooooo really??"

I tag no one. Tag yourselves if you want to XD
It's amazing the things you find out when you're updating your page after a long hiatus. Like, every single one of your drawings from 2014 not showing up on the main Featured part of the gallery for some odd reason :/ That's been fixed, and I've finally got off my lazy ass to sort my stuff into folders, and put all my old art into a separate folder.

side-note: I kind of miss spamming pyu~ at the end of every sentence haha XD

As for the Aquabluu story, yes I know it's long overdue. Way long. But I'm still undecided whether to put it in writing or in visual form. Both have their challenges obviously. What do you guys think? (if you still follow me after my disappearance)
Commissions are open!

I'll draw pretty much anything within my ability. Be patient though; I might take a week or so to finish :)

(Paypal only, dA points not accepted!)

Characters (each)

Lineart - $3.50
Flat color - $5.00
Simple shading - $7.50
Full shading - $12.00


Flat color - $1.00
Simple detail - $7.00
Full shading - $17.00 and above depending on what you want in it

All prices subject to complexity of the piece requested~
Yeah so I need some pocket money and stuff, so from now on I'll be offering art commissions at a low price. Anything cute goes~

Since I'm not that skilled of an artist, I won't charge high rates or accept an extremely complex request (though I'll definitely try). Rates are as follows:

(Paypal only, dA points not accepted!)

Characters (each)

Lineart - $0.50
Flat color - $1.50
Simple shading - $2.50
Full shading - $4.00


Lineart - $0.50
Flat color - $2.00
Simple shading - $3.00
Full shading - $4.50

All prices subject to complexity of the piece requested~

This is a journal, pyu~

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 6, 2012, 5:44 AM
2 Premium Membership Days in one year. Might as well make it count lol~


Just know that I don't post journals unless.....well, nothing. I use this account to post art when I feel like it and nothing more. Oh and I also run a Nintendo forum. Visit at your own will pyu~…?

If you need anything just PM me or find me at Nintendo 5 Star and I'll answer. :)

P.S. DG's mom

Journal skin~?

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 4:37 AM
I'm never very active on dA and on the few periods which I do come online, I'm a penny-pinching freeloader :3 Thank god for Free Premium Membership Day eh, pyu~? This skin is commonly used, but it's the best I've seen so far (well, aside from the Totoro skin). Dragon Quest slimes XD

Not that I ever use the journal that much but whatever, free skin is free lololol.

Thank you Hadeki for making the cute skin~!

Think you're smart? Just try me.…

30 questions in here. Think you can take them all? Without Googling? Alright, you're allowed to do so. No, actually I encourage it in a case like this.

Want to answer them? Hey, don't put your answers in the comment box, register as a member of the forum first, then message me with the answers! There's a prize for whoever gets the most correct. You game enough?
I'm getting too old for this pyu~ ^^ Anyway, was tagged by :iconxheronecx:

8 things about me:
1. I would love to ride on a Togekiss
2. I like making up my own worlds and characters
3. I really need to go right now....not.
4. I recently switched to a widescreen monitor, so that desktop shot in my profile? Outdated, pyu~
5. I can't stop saying pyu~
6. I don't say pyu~ on websites outside of dA. Fact.
7. I still love Pokemon

I tag no one =P Too lazy to pick anyways.

*calms down*
Best April Fools evar.
Alright, a filler journal to get rid of that train wreck of self-pity I wrote a few days earlier~.

I rescanned my stuff up, so I should have one or two pieces to submit this month. After all, my last school exam ends in a few days pyu~. I'm gonna have a hell lot of free time for now.

What are they? I don't say much about my art until I submit them (proven by me never writing journals), but I'm trying a few new tricks with Photoshop. Hopefully they turn out right, pyu~.
I downloaded a freeware video editing software and saved it to the My Documents folder. After messing around with it, I found that it didn't have the features I was looking for, so I tried to uninstall it pyu~. However, I forgot to put the said program in a separate folder. The uninstall program and everything related to the software is still in My Documents. The moment I hit Uninstall......

....everything in My Documents was cleaned out. All my pictures, music, videos, applications, gone.

In just a few seconds, everything I had established in my cyber-life was gone. I can salvage some of them, but I'm going to have to do a lot of redownloading, and somethings couldn't be saved, like my Photoshop projects....

I had one or two art pieces ready to upload, and now they're gone pyu~

I'm ruined. I don't know how long it'll take to fully restore everything, and I don't know how long I'll be inactive because of this, so, this is goodbye for now, pyu~.

:iconkirbster98: tagged me~

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person should post 8 facts of themselves.
3. Tagged people should write a journalblog about these facts.
4. In the end, tag & name 8 people.
5. Go to their dA pages and comment saying that they are tagged.

Okay, here goes, pyu~

1. I'm not good at talking to people/ starting up a conversation. That doesn't mean I don't have friends, just that I talk less, that's all.

2. I think too much about what other people think of me. Sometimes I'm paranoid about whether the other person thinks I'm a big jerk or loserface, pyu~

3. I am not emo. Heck I try to be cheerful most of the time~

4. I'm male, despite my character, username and style of drawing. Believe you me, many people have confused me (online) for a girl, pyu~

5. I'm a bit dreamy and my head's always in the clouds. So I make careless mistakes here and there sometimes.

6. I love math =P

7. I get annoyed and panic easily under pressure.

8. I'm not good at thinking of jokes, pyu~. I talk seriously most of the time

And I'm done. Phew.

So my next 8 victims will be~

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I've set up a new Kirby fansite with the help of a few friends from Gamespot. Currently the main site's pretty much blank, but the main attraction has always been the forums. And right now it needs more members, pyu~. If you want to join, here's the link:…

If you like Kirby and want to talk about him or pretty much talk about anything, join in, pyu~! I'm depending on you guys! :heart:
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"No offense, but ... People are getting too fake on me . They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually repost this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention to me. Copy and repost in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are and I think I know who you are... Repost this if you are a friend...Don't reply... just copy and paste this in a new bulletin as "Fake Friends'

True friends will read and repost this. Fake friends will just ignore it."

Really now pyu~;P
Chain journals like this give me a chance to finally update my own with something
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I love these things....I should really get to write some real journals next time pyu~

1. Who is your favourite Pokemon?

2. Why is it your favourite?
Becuase it's so adorable, pyu~!

3. What is your favourite type of Pokemon? Why?
Water, or grass. I dunno, I just like those 2 types

4. If you were a Pokemon, what would you be?
Pikachu, just like in PMD~!

5. What starter Pokemon would you choose? (name one for each region)
Kanto - Squirtle
Johto - Chikorita
Hoenn - Mudkip
Sinnoh - Piplup(most of these are water-types, pyu~ ^^)

6. What would be the first Pokemon you catch on your journey? (name one for each region)
Kanto - Pidgey
Johto - Sentret
Hoenn - Poochyena
Sinnoh - Shinx

7. Name your dream team. (any region)
Togekiss, Manaphy, Jirachi, Garchomp, Dusknoir, Latias(oops, one too many legendaries ^-^)

8. How long have you been interested in Pokemon?
Uh...7 years in the running!

9. Do your friends and family like Pokemon?
Yeah, my brother and my cousins. My friends all think it's 'childish' now pyu~ Or maybe they're pretending to be 'mature'

10. What are their favourites?
Plusle, Minun and some grass starters for my bro.

11. What do you value more, the games or the toys?
I couldn't collect the toys even if I wanted to T.T so the games then pyu~

12. What games do you have?
Red, Silver, Crystal, Sapphire, Colosseum, Pinball R/S, Trading Card Game, Mystery Dungeon-Blue, Ranger, Trozei, Dash, Pearl, Battle Revolution, Mystery Dungeon 2-Darkness. That's about it.

13. What is your favourite plush? Figure? Game?
I don't have any plush or figures....I like PMD2 and Pearl the best.

14. Name your top 5 favourite Pokemon.
Jirachi, Pikachu, Chikorita, Cherrim, Manaphy.

15. Name your top 5 least favourite Pokemon.
Not really, maybe those really annoying ones, now I can think of some
Zubat(can't stand Confuse Ray), Tentacool(let me Surf in peace!!), Magikarp, Grimer, Voltorb

16. Which is your favourite region?
Johto, no contest there


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Well, :iconsweetmiaart: said I have to do this so....
The first 5 who comment on this journal will have 3 of their deviations featured here, pyu~. Of course I'll do the choosing. The catch is, you will in turn make a journal like this too~! Like a piece of advertising, only better, I guess. I'm still new to the concept, pyu~ ^^

1. :iconsweetmiaart:………






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Taken from :iconklonoawarrior:

1. Pick one of your OCs, perferably your main.

Um...*points to screen name*

You start off with 20 points. Take off 1 point for each box you fill in with an 'x'

Part One: Appearence/Relationships
Your OC has Sonic's, Shadow's, or Amy's quills or bangs [ ]
Your OC has any clothing similar to the official characters [ ]
Your OC is in love with any of the official characters [ ]
Your OC is best friends with any of the official characters [ ]
Your OC is related to any official characters [ ]
Total points remaining: 20    

Part Two: Attitude
Your OC is a very angst character who dwells on the past a lot [ ]
Your OC is ALWAYS hyper and over obsessive [ ]
Your OC has no exact personality, and always switches moods [ ]
Your OC's personality is similar to any official character [ ]
Your OC has no personality and is very bland [ ]
Total points remaining: 20        (so far so good)

Part Three: Background Story
Your OC's parents have tragically been killed [x] (gah it read my mind pyu~ o.0)
Your OC has a demon and angel form [ ]
Your OC killed their parents in a blind rage [ ]
Someone in your OC's family was killed or died [ ]
Your OC grew up with any official character/lived with them [ ]
Total points remaining: 19

Part Four: Powers/Abilities/Weaknesses
Your OC can heal ANY wound [ ]
Your OC can bring people back from the dead [ ]
Your OC can do magic [x]   (dangit XD)
Your OC has more than two elemental powers (fire, water, etc.) [ ]
Your OC can fly without wings [ ]
Total points remaining: 18

Part Five: Micellaneous
Your OC has been called 'too powerful' or 'god moddy' [ ]
Your OC can live FOREVER, like Shadow [ ]
Your OC has been called a recolor [ ]
Your OC is a hedgehog, fox, or echidna, or any combo of those [ ]
Your OC changes frequently [ ]
Total points remaining: 18

Take your total and times it by 5. That is the percent you got!

My Grade= 90%

0-30% -- Consider revamping your character, PLEASE.
31-50% -- Pretty decent, but still not quite that original.
51-70% -- Fairly original character, a couple touchups and it's perfect ;3
((71-100% -- Awesome character all the way through! If you scored a bit lower, keep trying to get up to 90%!))

Interesting, pyu~ ^^


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