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My Bio
Why "what would Locke do"? Because I loved to watch MacGyver, Locke is the tech wiz of the Guardians and I simply wanted to combine those two.


Name: Just call me Aqua because that's my favourite nickname though I also already went by Xenin sometimes. Heck someone even called me Eric once. :XD: And my co-workers love to call me R2D2, Robot or EDI
Personality: Sarcasm is my second name and though I like to talk with people online sometimes and am active at forums that interest me I am a loner as soon as I go offline. I don't mind living alone for months, to me the perfect relationship is when I see my boyfriend or girlfriend for like two hours a month and while I text my friends now and then a long time can pass before we will meet for the next time. In fact I'm even afraid of signs of affection such as hugs or kisses. I have learned to tolerate them when they come from people I know and trust for years but that neither means I like it nor that I will hug or kiss someone of my own accord.
Favourite genre of music: Hard Rock, House, Metal
Favourite style of art: pencil drawn art
Fandoms: That's hard to choose. I never completely get out of any fandom, they are just swimming around in the big pond of fandoms, some of them will come to the surface once in a while, some new ones will fall in, none of them will ever drown. But I have to say with 10 years staying at the surface my Sonic fandom is the longest one of them all.
Personal Quote: Dreams don't betray us. When we lose ourselves, that's when we lose our dreams. It's not like dreams don't come true. We just give up on them.
Favourite Colour (since that is the most often asked question in all quizzes I ever did as if that was the answer to life, the universe and everything): Purple, violet, lavender, lilac, magenta - well basically all shades of violet. And then also green, emerald, lime-kissed, forest, mint, sea green - basically all shades of green as well.

Facts and Trivia:
:bulletpurple: I'm an Asperger autist. My main way to communicate is the internet, otherwise you might most of the time have problems getting a word out of me. I once had some kind of attest from a doctor when I was a child but my mother threw it away because she couldn't accept it. She accepted the way how I was but not why I was that way.
:bulletpurple: Though I have given up being active on Neopets quite often for a longer time whenever I lost another account (the last one a few weeks ago, frozen for no reason, TNT just seems to hate me) the Altador Cup and the people of my team that I have chosen several years in a row since the very first cup now always managed to draw me back - even if I'm just online for that one month and then the account becomes dead once more.
:bulletpurple: I love my silent famous fanfics nearly more than those who get a lot of comments. A long time ago when I still only wrote in German and only parodies I got some comments that told me how cool my fics were (no constructive critics, only saying they were funny/cool/nice/whatever) but they by far didn't make me as happy as those fics where I at first believed they were completely ignored and then suddenly found out that a pairing I had created suddenly was on 2nd place of the most liked pairings in that fandom or one of my favourite artists on DA draws one of my favourite scenes from one of my fics.
:bulletpurple: It's always good to have some critic on my work what I did good and where I can improve though.
:bulletpurple: I on the other hand am not too good at giving critics and before I only write "nice" or something else as short I rather show that I thought it was nice by favouriting it and only comment when I know more than that to say.
:bulletpurple: In lists like those I tend to write way too much even though I might have planned to answer with just one short sentence before but then I always think of way more explanations.

Favourite Visual Artist
Salvador Dali
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Kiss, Daft Punk, Queen
Favourite Books
the Mass Effect book series and quite everything written by Terry Pratchett
Favourite Writers
Terry Pratchett, Ephraim Kishon
Favourite Games
Mass Effect, Team Fortress 2, Solatorobo, Soulcalibur III
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, PS3, DSi, my laptop
Other Interests
Writing, music, reading
I'm such a bloody slow writer. Had actually been productive again today, sat down at 8 pm and worked on one of my stories until 2 am. The usual interruptions of sitting there and trying to get my ideas in order or doing some more research or looking ...
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It's a public holiday today so I actually could do some writing, or gaming, or just generally relaxing with one of the many audiobooks or videos on my Youtube watchlist. What am I actually doing? Cleaning the whole apartment completely squeaky clean ...
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My holidays are almost over again and it's driving me nuts how little I actually managed to do. I have finished reading one book and started one video game - and that's it. Haven't even been able to think about writing anything. It's like each day ju...
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Happy Birthday. :)

Thanks for the fave.

Thank you so much for the watch! :D
Really appreciated! :heart:
Happy Birthday. :)
A delayed thanks to you :)
You're welcome. :)
Hey Aqua! Happy Birthday!