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Fall for you (Hardenshipping)
The white mountains around Sootopolis City were bathed in moonlight, the reflections of the stars glittered in the calm sea. Water and land combined, forming something serene and beautiful - and he, hellbent on realising his plans, had almost ruined a beauty he had been too blind to notice before.
Maxie looked out over the water, the incidents of the day still weighing heavy on his mind. The others might have forgiven him but how could he ever make peace with his own consciousness? Why did he go so far without realising his ideas were utter madness? Had the pain over something that happened more than two decades ago still been so strong that it had completely blinded him?
The scrunching of sand and pebbles behind him interrupted his thoughts. The approaching steps sounded slow, insecure, as if someone who had never been quiet in his entire life now suddenly tried to be sneaky.
"And here I thought you already scurried off to your hiding place", Archie said as soon as he stood next to Ma
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Awakening the warrior within
A blast of Chaos energy rushed towards him. Steppenwolf quickly used his own abilities to create a protective armour around his body. He felt the impact, strong enough to push him back a few steps, felt the strain on his shields, how close parts of it came to cracking, but they withstood the assault. Immediately he countered with an attack of his own.
Without a chance to defend himself Spectre was hit straight in the chest. He stumbled back, tried to catch his breath again while at the same time attempted to ready another attack. A really weak one from what Steppenwolf could see. The young Guardian wasn't even given enough time to find his footing again, let alone to fire, before he was wrapped up in strands of Chaos energy, lifted up into the air and held in place. For a moment a hint of frustration and anger appeared on his face but then he closed his eyes. Steppenwolf raised his eyebrows in concern. Spectre's face was slightly contorted as if he was in pain. But this ability was onl
:iconaqua111:Aqua111 2 2
Looking up and down the front of the city hall Luger breathed in deeply a few times to brace himself. It wasn’t of much use.
“I’m not sure anymore I can do this…” he said to his companion next to him, a slight quiver in his voice.
“I know that this will be hard and the result surely won’t be all roses and butterflies. But I’ll sit this through with you”, Lock said, took his hand and gave it a slight reassuring squeeze. “Even if the gap between you two remains – at least you don’t have to hide from everyone anymore.”
It had been a decision between Luger and Locke that at least their Dark Legion allies needed to know that one of their former Grandmasters was still alive. It wouldn’t have been easy to keep it a secret forever anyways so it was a tactically better approach to tell them rather than wait until they found out on their own. They could even be useful if Luger needed backup to stay save. But most
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A long way to go
Stumbling through the corridors of Haven Sabre pressed his hands against his mouth to keep himself from either vomiting or sobbing out loud, depending on what he was able to hold in longer - his tears or his stomach contents. A thin trail of blood droplets here and there followed his path, sometimes were also smeared at a wall or door whenever he bumped against them. For the most part it had already dried up though, turning his fur into sticky clumps. He so dearly wanted to believe it was just his, that somewhere he had wounds large enough to cause so much bleeding. But the carcasses he had woken up next to had eradicated any doubts and with that also any hopes he might have had.
By now he could hear voices behind him calling out to him, but he neither cared nor stopped. All he wanted was to get to his room, to just get away from everything.
Leaning against the door he just slammed shut Sabre slowly slid to the floor, wrapped his arms around his knees and rested his head on them. His b
:iconaqua111:Aqua111 3 3
Brotherhood gone bonkers 11
The world lay quiet covered by a thick blanket of snow - or at least it would have if hundreds of honking cars hadn't driven over it. Grey clouds, perpetual rain that helped the stream of cars turning the bit of snow into brown slush even faster, people trampled each other over the winter sales, a bunch of Legionnaires who had been sent to hand out "Dimitri our lord and saviour"-flyers drowned in a pool of mud. Hahh, the romantic scenery of the winter wonderland called Echidnaopolis.
"Why they all were freaking out so much over buying random things during the winter months was a mystery though since Christmas was not even a thing on Angel Island. Oh well, I guess seeing a 'sale' somewhere is already enough reason to drive everyone insane." - Gabrie-cat
Locke was on his way to the library, feeling quite relieved that he didn't need to go to any stores today, or even outside at all for that matter. The traffic reports he heard on the radio only a few minutes ago sounded as if the apocaly
:iconaqua111:Aqua111 2 3
As usual Locke spent his day locked away in his labs. Something else that also had become usual during the past couple of weeks was that he didn't spend his time in there alone anymore. Luger sat near him and closely watched every move. He couldn't be of much assistance but apparently he didn't mind watching Locke in silence for hours. Having an onlooker while he worked always made the Guardian nervous but in this case it was ... different somehow. A strangely pleasant kind of nervousness so to speak.
But even if the company had been an uncomfortable one, Locke would only have had himself to blame for even inviting him and insisting he should stay. He had done so because his lab was the most private place he had known. At the beginning they had still talked, mostly Locke had given Luger the chance to pour his heart out and tried to give him as much comfort as possible, later they also had gone over were-transformations in detail and made plans for their first full moon together. That a
:iconaqua111:Aqua111 2 1
Vent: Broken
Sitting on the edge of Angel Island Luger overlooked the land drifting past far beneath. Wide open meadows were bathed in the orange light of the setting sun, the wind sent ripples through the grass, made it look like waves on an ocean.
Carefully Locke walked up from behind and sat down next to him. This time he hadn't even needed Edi's help to find Luger, he just had a feeling where he might have been and it turned out to be true. Locke opened his mouth but then closed it again unsure what to say. What could he have said anyways? Asking him how he felt, how he was holding up? As if that wasn't obvious enough. Only two days had passed since the incident, since Luger had been bitten by one of the Legion's were-creatures. Edi had done his best to heal the outside wounds but when it came to the ones inside he was powerless.
"Why..." Luger whispered after a while, his gaze still fixated to a point far away. Locke expected any questions related to the Legion's creatures but then the other m
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Into the night
Side by side they were rushing through the forest, only their silhouettes visible in the light of dusk, eager to reach a safe distance to anyone they could hurt but also to Spectre's territory. Maybe the dark Guardian could be trusted around others of his kind but they didn't want to risk it during this first time.
"Five minutes and thirty seconds until moonrise", Edi's voice broke the eerie silence around them.
They could have stayed in Haven, locked away in the labs, but this was a risk Locke didn't want to take. Luger had been bitten by one of the Legion's creatures, there was no guarantee he wouldn't get out of control as well. And then there still was the tiniest possibility he wouldn't transform at all and then be locked inside a room with a were-Echidna. Maybe it would have been for the best had they gone their separate ways for just this night and only stayed together during the following months once they were sure - but Locke had sworn not to leave Luger alone, especially not
:iconaqua111:Aqua111 2 3
Long ass numbered character meme
Picking 13 sorry mother fuckers … Characters! I totally meant to say characters!
1.) Spectre (opening the gates to hell)
2.) Xenin (what came out of said gates)
3.) Locke (powered the gates by a lemon and two electrodes)
4.) Thunderhawk (drunk under the table)
5.) Moonwatcher (mowing the lawn at 3 am)
6.) Lien-Da (shooting at white bunnies. Oh, that actually was a very familiar albino Echidna… never mind.)
7.) Harlan (Wearing his best Sunday dress)
8.) Sojourner (frantically trying to delete his browser history)
9.) Athair (stealing food from the fridge … then setting it on fire)
10.) Sabre (is questioning the sanity of everyone around him)
11.) Finitevus (waiting for Godot – he might come sooner than the end of Fini’s roles in these memes)
12.) He was a Steppenwolf (Steppenwolf: Please refrain from addressing me with songtexts.)
13.) Dimitri (Doing something useful … oh who am I kidding)
And yup, imagine their “Brotherhood gone bonkers”
:iconaqua111:Aqua111 4 5
Charon sat on the floor of a rarely frequented corridor, his back pressed against the wall, eyes closed, his arms wrapped around his shivering body. Why had he ever thought this was a good idea, he questioned himself over and over again. He had decided that Xenin, as his friend, had the right to know. Not about his true feelings - that was a secret he was willing to take to his grave - but at least about his feelings towards males in general. It had taken him months to build up the courage. But as soon as he finally felt ready, as he finally stood in front of him to tell him, his courage was drained with each passing second until he couldn't stand it any longer. Not the tension, nor the awkwardness lingering in the air, nor Xenin's surprised stare. All he could do was turn tail and run. But the damage was already done. He had said enough that even the dumbest Echidna could have figured out what was going on. And now he was sitting there, a shivering wreck with a burning sensation in hi
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Creatures of the night
At this time of year nightfall was still approaching way too fast. He wished for longer intervals between two phases again, for more time to prepare. But then again, was it even possible to ever be fully prepared for something like this?
Locke closed the door to his lab behind him and turned the key. He had made sure to give the others the impression he would be doing some experiments again that needed his full concentration the whole evening, possibly even the whole night, so no one would enter these rooms but one could never know. Accidentally being found in a state like that was the last he wanted.
At the current moment the lab looked tidier than it had during the rest of this month. Everything was stored away neatly, locked up, secured tightly. More precisely, it looked like the owner expected a hurricane within the walls of Haven.
"Expected time until moonrise: one minute and 43 seconds. Your heart rate is slightly increased but still within a normal range. Punctual transformation
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Bad moon rising
The snow scrunched under his boots as Spectre ran through the forest, narrowly avoiding trees and undergrowth. His sight was quite restricted at this time of the day during which the sun had just set and the moon hadn't risen yet but to him this short period was perfect for an even more effective training. Parkouring through different landscapes under more difficult conditions should also be part of the training of a young Guardian. During the few months since he had taken over Spectre's training Semper Fidelis had mainly focused on controlling Chaos energy though. "You can never become a master at anything if you try to be good at everything the same time", he used to say when the Echidna asked him for a more rigorous training in everything else. That was why Spectre had decided to make his own training plan during some nights. It wouldn't have been the first time that he trained himself - he did that since the end of his childhood. A strange thing to think by someone whose voice had
:iconaqua111:Aqua111 3 9
Remix Meme
Pick 10 characters. Give them each a random number 1-10.
1. Locke
2. Athair
3. Sabre
4. Lien-Da
5. Spectre
6. Xenin
7. Sojourner
8. Thunderhawk
9. Remington
10. Finitevus (Why always meeeeee?)
7 is eating an apple, 5 takes it and throws it accross the room. Is 7 mad?
(Sojourner, Spectre)
Spectre: Fuck you, apple!
Sojourner: *backs away slowly* I don't think I want to deal with that right now... No, I absolutely don't want to...
1 wants to do a makeup tutorial and use 9 as their model. Is it a success?
(Locke, Remington)
Locke: *mad grin* Ahhh, come here, constable, you need a big make-over.
Remington: Uhm, are you sure you are alright?
Locke: My father ONCE AGAIN thought I am spending too much time at my work and kicked me out. I need something to keep me busy or I will go insane from never doing anything at all.
("If considering all the 'Another day in Haven' and 'Brotherhood gone bonkers' stories by now Locke must be the Guardian who has done the least work of them all - and still Sa
:iconaqua111:Aqua111 3 8
In my time of dying
They were sinking deeper.
Xenin's grip around Finitevus' body was still tight though it might have been futile by now.
The albino had lost his consciousness a couple of seconds ago.
Never would have thought he would end like this one day, killed by one of his greatest fears.
But thoughts and reality were often two completely different things.
Life wasn't fair.
Had the fightings on Angel Island stopped?
What had this war even been about? How did it start? What did this bastard want to accomplish?
He couldn't remember anymore.
It had started so many years ago.
They probably had stopped since the one who had control over the robot army was drowning together with him right now.
But it was impossible to tell surrounded by near darkness and the sounds that you normally heard underwater in the sea.
Or maybe these dull sounds weren't even the sea and just the pressure on his eardrums.
He didn't know, never had been under the sea.
Oh shut up, sea, someone wants to die in peace here.
The light o
:iconaqua111:Aqua111 0 0
A volley of gunfire was shot at her. Lien-Da quickly dodged behind one of the many metal containers and returned fire. The damaged drone hit the ground. Suddenly she felt pressure against her leg. Her head jerked down and she saw a spider like robot clinging to her - a T-6, the hellburners of robots. Fast, able to climb everywhere and with a tendency to self-destruct once their target was found - and this one already emitted sparks. Lien-Da kicked the robot off and threw herself to the ground. The pressure wave was still strong enough to push her backwards and slam her against another container. For a second the bright light of pain filled her vision. Then a big robot leg stomped in front of her. She had no more time to roll out of the way. A hand grabbed her by the collar and dragged her up.
"Stop this test immediately!" Xenin shouted, fury in his voice. His eyes were fixated on the glass wall giving an overview over the newly renovated battleground hall, his hands grasped the desk in
:iconaqua111:Aqua111 2 4
Memories 2
"Hope that the factory you are about to investigate has an intact roof because the weather looks like it could make a turn for the worst", their pilot reported. A crack of thunder underlined his words. He cursed. “To hell with it, I’m not going to fly any closer to the epicentre of that storm. I’m going to drop you off at the edge of the forest. The factory is three kilometres from there. If you’re fast enough you could reach that before the storm reaches you.”
Xenin nodded. “Easily doable since none of us has to carry a heavy burden anymore.”
He gave Charon a grin which the other male could only return half-heartedly. He knew it was just a joke but – come on; his former armour had hardly been that much of a burden.
Their transportation soared into the air again causing the high grass around them to flutter. From their position they could see high buildings in the distance; most of it was shrouded in mist.
“That is Albion, isn
:iconaqua111:Aqua111 1 0


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It's a public holiday today so I actually could do some writing, or gaming, or just generally relaxing with one of the many audiobooks or videos on my Youtube watchlist. What am I actually doing? Cleaning the whole apartment completely squeaky clean for like already the 30th time this year (and the bathroom I probably already cleaned for the 200th time)... I just can't help it. I feel so restless without work.

Tagged thing

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 13, 2017, 6:16 AM
Tagged by :iconcharleethecat-bat: 

Rules: (you don't have to follow all of them)

1 - You have to post ALL the rules.
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked and then create twelve more questions for the others that you tagged to answer. (If I immediately knew that many question to ask I would have become a journalist)
3. Choose 12 people. (Do I even know that many?)
4. Legitimately tag these 12 people. (Nope)
5. You can't say you don't do tags. ( *throws chair and replies with a happy "Fuck you :heart:"*)
6. Tag backs are ALLOWED.
7. You must do the journal entry. (THAT rule I can follow)


1. What is your birthstone? 
Rose quartz but I can't say I like it.

2. And if that isn't your 
favourite, what's your favourite gemstone? 
Oh, there are a few which I love. Amethyst, onyx, emerald, turquoise, agate,... - well, basically mostly gems that can be green or violet.

3. What are you craving right now? 
Right now a hot bath. Not only because of winter and I just came home in the cold but also because it could ease my muscle pain that I have from sports.

4. If you could live in any fictional universe, what would it be? and where in that universe would you say?  
I have two main choices I couldn't decide between.
Mass Effect - among the crew of the Normandy
Knuckles comics - sneaking around someplace I probably wouldn't be allowed to be in (like Haven, a Legion camp, the Master Emerald chamber,...)

5. List of animal species questions, if you were a marine creature, what would it be? 
Maybe a whale. Although - being an angler fish could be an interesting choice if species as well for a change. :XD:

6. Now, what if you were Avian creature? (Bird)
Either a northern raven (the huge ones - Corvus corax) or some kind of falcon or hawk.

7. Now, what if you were an Insect/Bug? 
Either a cute little ladybug or a praying mantis.

8. Now, Reptile? 
A chameleon or tortoise.

9. And finally, Mammal? 
(Can I pick the whale again? That's a mammal after all. :XD: )
Nah, I think I would like to be a fox.

10. Okay, look up Yandere Simulator Personalities, Which would you be out of them and why? 
I'm a Loner because, well, sounds like me. :XD:
Although, looking through the list of personas not yet included the Sleuth could be fitting as well.

11. What would you rather have, Fangs or Claws? 
I already have fangs - kind of. My teeth at that place are a bit longer. (As a child I seriously tried to file them off at one point)  Having claws like Wolverine would be kinda cool.

12. What's your favourite series, (game, book, tv series, movie, you can do one or all, up to you), would you survive in it? 
Game: Mass Effect, Survival rate: quite high as long as I don't live in the Terminus system or there's another Reaper invasion. Should I be part of the Normandy crew my chance of survival might not be that high anymore though.
Book: the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Survival rate: uhh, well... I think if I don't live near the Unseen University (or anywhere near Ankh Morpork to begin with), don't walk into a Koom Valley reenactment between trolls and dwarfs or am not eaten by a crazy Luggage I could live a more or less normal life. Until a screaming wizard flies through my living room an the house gets raided by an army of little blue man...
TV series: MacGyver. Survival rate: As long as I have my Swiss army knife I could survive even the apocalypse. :XD:

  • Listening to: True scary stories on YouTube
  • Reading: Schmitz' Mama by Ralf Schmitz
  • Watching: nothing in particular
  • Playing: Trails of cold steel 2
  • Eating: whatever I find in the fridge
  • Drinking: Orange juice


What would Locke do?
Why "what would Locke do"? Because I loved to watch MacGyver, Locke is the tech wiz of the Guardians and I simply wanted to combine those two.


Name: Just call me Aqua because that's my favourite nickname though I also already went by Xenin sometimes. Heck someone even called me Eric once. :XD: And my co-workers love to call me R2D2, Robot or EDI
Personality: Sarcasm is my second name and though I like to talk with people online sometimes and am active at forums that interest me I am a loner as soon as I go offline. I don't mind living alone for months, to me the perfect relationship is when I see my boyfriend or girlfriend for like two hours a month and while I text my friends now and then a long time can pass before we will meet for the next time. In fact I'm even afraid of signs of affection such as hugs or kisses. I have learned to tolerate them when they come from people I know and trust for years but that neither means I like it nor that I will hug or kiss someone of my own accord.
Favourite genre of music: Hard Rock, House, Metal
Favourite style of art: pencil drawn art
Fandoms: That's hard to choose. I never completely get out of any fandom, they are just swimming around in the big pond of fandoms, some of them will come to the surface once in a while, some new ones will fall in, none of them will ever drown. But I have to say with 10 years staying at the surface my Sonic fandom is the longest one of them all.
Personal Quote: Dreams don't betray us. When we lose ourselves, that's when we lose our dreams. It's not like dreams don't come true. We just give up on them.
Favourite Colour (since that is the most often asked question in all quizzes I ever did as if that was the answer to life, the universe and everything): Purple, violet, lavender, lilac, magenta - well basically all shades of violet. And then also green, emerald, lime-kissed, forest, mint, sea green - basically all shades of green as well.

Facts and Trivia:
:bulletpurple: I'm an Asperger autist. My main way to communicate is the internet, otherwise you might most of the time have problems getting a word out of me. I once had some kind of attest from a doctor when I was a child but my mother threw it away because she couldn't accept it. She accepted the way how I was but not why I was that way.
:bulletpurple: Though I have given up being active on Neopets quite often for a longer time whenever I lost another account (the last one a few weeks ago, frozen for no reason, TNT just seems to hate me) the Altador Cup and the people of my team that I have chosen several years in a row since the very first cup now always managed to draw me back - even if I'm just online for that one month and then the account becomes dead once more.
:bulletpurple: I love my silent famous fanfics nearly more than those who get a lot of comments. A long time ago when I still only wrote in German and only parodies I got some comments that told me how cool my fics were (no constructive critics, only saying they were funny/cool/nice/whatever) but they by far didn't make me as happy as those fics where I at first believed they were completely ignored and then suddenly found out that a pairing I had created suddenly was on 2nd place of the most liked pairings in that fandom or one of my favourite artists on DA draws one of my favourite scenes from one of my fics.
:bulletpurple: It's always good to have some critic on my work what I did good and where I can improve though.
:bulletpurple: I on the other hand am not too good at giving critics and before I only write "nice" or something else as short I rather show that I thought it was nice by favouriting it and only comment when I know more than that to say.
:bulletpurple: In lists like those I tend to write way too much even though I might have planned to answer with just one short sentence before but then I always think of way more explanations.


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