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Mariposa The Enchantress  by Aqua-Woods Mariposa The Enchantress :iconaqua-woods:Aqua-Woods 0 0 The Soong by Aqua-Woods The Soong :iconaqua-woods:Aqua-Woods 0 0 Buttereater transformation 3 by Aqua-Woods Buttereater transformation 3 :iconaqua-woods:Aqua-Woods 1 0 Buttereater transformation 2 by Aqua-Woods Buttereater transformation 2 :iconaqua-woods:Aqua-Woods 1 0 Buttereater transformation  by Aqua-Woods Buttereater transformation :iconaqua-woods:Aqua-Woods 2 0
Dib Learns About Irken Evolution
Dib had started to notice that Zim's body had started to change. First he started to grow taller and a bit bulky. Then he started having strange cravings and his nails started to look more like claws.
"Hey Dib." Zim said nervously.
"Yeah?" Dib asked.
"I found out what's going on with my body." He answered.
"Well, is it serious?' Dib asked worried.
"It turns out that I have a rare Irken disease. The good news is it's not fatal but the bad news is I don't think I'll be the same. The disease is making my body evolve backwards. About a million years a day." Zim answered.
"Is there a cure?" Dib asked.
"Yes but it takes a year to make." Zim said.
Four months later:
Zim was now seven feet tall, had a full head of hair, one inch long tusks, a few tuffs of fur, claws, and a pot belly.
"Does Dib still love Zim?" He asked.
"Of course, I'll always love you!" Dib answered as he gently stroked the large  Irken's furry chest being rewarded by a gentle nuzzle in the crook of his neck.  
:iconaqua-woods:Aqua-Woods 0 0
Zim's Growth spurt
Zim was in detention again after he blew up the bathroom. The only person with him was Dib. While he was thinking of a new plan to invade Earth his gloves started to feel rather tight. He realized that his hands had started to grow and his black leather boots began to tighten. 'What's going on? I'm growing?!' The Irken thought to himself as his lower half started to grow.
The sensation of his pants getting tight on his growing legs was quite odd. Soon his hips were wider than the chair and his torso started to grow. Just then he started to hear a small rip from below his desk. Zim looked and saw that his boots had started to rip. 'This is becoming a problem! I'm growing out of my clothes!' He thought as his gloves and pants started to tear. Thats where his arms started to grow, quickly catching up with the rest of him. Dib looked up from his notebook and saw that the Irken was growing rapidly. 'Is this a new plan that I didn't find out about?!' Dib thought but the look of panic on Zim'
:iconaqua-woods:Aqua-Woods 0 0
This guy's going places! by Aqua-Woods This guy's going places! :iconaqua-woods:Aqua-Woods 3 0 Safe by Aqua-Woods Safe :iconaqua-woods:Aqua-Woods 1 0 RIP by Aqua-Woods RIP :iconaqua-woods:Aqua-Woods 5 0 Anyone know what this is?  by Aqua-Woods Anyone know what this is? :iconaqua-woods:Aqua-Woods 2 0 Comfort by Aqua-Woods Comfort :iconaqua-woods:Aqua-Woods 2 0
Mature content
Willing Victim :iconaqua-woods:Aqua-Woods 1 0
The Riddle Ring by Aqua-Woods The Riddle Ring :iconaqua-woods:Aqua-Woods 0 0
Mature content
Risks of the Night Shift :iconaqua-woods:Aqua-Woods 1 0
Night of the Werecar
Luke was on the way home when the road was blocked by a large log. He pulled over and got out of his car. He tried move it but it was too heavy. When the moon came out from behind the clouds his hands began to tingle.
"What's with my hands?" He thought outloud as he examined his hands.
Then large tires replaced his hands.
"NO, NOT AGAIN!!!" He shouted as his feet started to change into tires.
Then his body started to grow rapidly and shape into a car. He groaned as his clothes began to rip and stretched. Soon he was forced onto his hands and feet as his head grew and his eyes turned into headlights. Soon his transformation was finished. 'This actually isn't so bad, plus I can move on my own! Although I'm not sure what to do with my actual car.' He thought as he drove around the log.
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Realism Attempt - Data by Bekkalada Realism Attempt - Data :iconbekkalada:Bekkalada 3 23 TNG - Dear Brother by TheSpeedyLizard TNG - Dear Brother :iconthespeedylizard:TheSpeedyLizard 15 2 A fist full of Datas by Irish-Werepire-Grl A fist full of Datas :iconirish-werepire-grl:Irish-Werepire-Grl 11 6 The brothers Soong by zionprime The brothers Soong :iconzionprime:zionprime 5 4 B4 by Lozalot B4 :iconlozalot:Lozalot 3 2 Brothers by chiauve Brothers :iconchiauve:chiauve 34 6 B-4 by chiauve B-4 :iconchiauve:chiauve 26 40 Winter scene by ElenaDudina Winter scene :iconelenadudina:ElenaDudina 1,422 113 I'd do it all again by Demonchester I'd do it all again :icondemonchester:Demonchester 8 6 Forced Inflation by gokutothez Forced Inflation :icongokutothez:gokutothez 120 72 Tadashi weird shapes by tubbertons Tadashi weird shapes :icontubbertons:tubbertons 84 1 Healing by missmazky Healing :iconmissmazky:missmazky 1 0 Brothers Androids by corre Brothers Androids :iconcorre:corre 16 13 Star Trek OC Doodles-Full View by KaptynQerq Star Trek OC Doodles-Full View :iconkaptynqerq:KaptynQerq 2 4 Star Trek: lt.cmd.Data by Spiritius Star Trek: lt.cmd.Data :iconspiritius:Spiritius 315 45 Postcards for Patreon rewards by pikaole Postcards for Patreon rewards :iconpikaole:pikaole 46 0
The incantation of the amulet is "For the glory of Night Furies Moonlight is mine to comand!" The first Dragon Knight is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock |||.


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