Best Tyre Maintenance Tips For Your Next Vacation

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Taking to the road during the upcoming festive season? Think about it: when you're blasting your favourite tunes, just your car's tyres will be in contact with the surface. Thus, one of the most important safety components of your car is its tyres. A little tyre problem on a holiday long drive could seriously interfere with your plans and perhaps put you and your family members in trouble.

Follow these recommendations to get your Car tyres Northampton ready for a secure vacation road trip.


When you're driving, low tyre pressure might put you, the operator, under stress. Air particles become less effective in cooler conditions, "shrinking" the air both within and without your tyres.

Tyres can shed 1-2 pounds per square inch (psi) of air density for each and every degree the temperature decreases (below 7 degrees Celsius)!

Your car may feel lousy and reluctant to react if a tyre is slightly under the pressure level. Checking the tyre pressure is crucial roughly every time you enter the petrol tank. When travelling in the cold, you would like the best grip and stability.

Use the internet or your owner's manual to find the optimum tyre pressure level for your vehicle's brand and model. The optimal tyre pressure is frequently there on a label that is next to the driver's side door frame.


Low tyre pressure? Time to blow up! You could keep filling your tyres for a few quarters at many petrol pumps, but if you're in a need, you could also use a portable bicycle pump. You could also stop by your neighbourhood car service centre or garage, where we'll check and free-air-fill your tyres.

Avoid overinflating your tyres if you're doing it yourself. Travelling with overinflated tyres can result in unpleasant riding conditions, irregular tread degradation, and poor handling.


To assess if your tyres are in perfect shape, you do not really have to be a professional in tyres. You could examine the tread depth and wearing variations in your driveways!

You can learn a lot about potential issues with your tyres or other parts of your vehicle by examining the tread degradation patterns. The wheel alignment may be off, for instance, if you observe that a tyre's inside or outside edge is much more degraded than the remainder of the tread. Or, your tyre may be constant over the pressure level if the tread is degrading down quicker in the centre than that of the remainder of the tyre. On the contrary, if you notice severe wear toward the tread, the tyres may be slightly under the pressure level.

In several areas, severe tread degradation can also lead to a failing vehicle inspection or a block license, which can jeopardise ride pleasure and safety!


Rotating your tyres involves shifting them from one location to the other. It is possible for the front tyres to shift to the rear or from one side of the car to another. If your car has front, back, or four wheels will determine the precise placement.

Frequent tyre rotations improve fuel economy, increase the lifespan of your tyres, and avoid uneven tread degradation.

It is more difficult for a tyre to produce stability and gripping if the tread surface is irregular, especially on wet or gravel roadways.

Even worse, you risk the chance of a rupture or tyre failure.


A correction to an automobile's suspension, which is the network that combines the vehicle with its wheels, is famous for wheel alignment. It does not involve adjusting the wheels or tyres directly.

Your automobile may lean to one side of the street or your steering column may rattle if your wheels are not properly in alignment. Therefore, it's essential to have your wheels aligned on a regular basis all year long. These maintenances can lengthen the lifespan of your tyres and enhance the control of your vehicle!

Before you go this Christmas season, do your tyres need some inspection and care. Visit your neighbourhood tyre garage or tyre repair shop for assistance with any of the items on this list. Find the location that is closest to you, and let our technicians prepare your tyres for a joyous Christmas road trip.

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