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October 18, 2020
why not something with 'Epimetheus' in it ? by apterus
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why not something with 'Epimetheus' in it ?

:happybounce:  process video:     :happybounce: 
twitter: @sabbasapterus
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Extremely dark but also hypnotic; despite just looking at it one could sense or at least indicate pain, heat & felt energy abyssmal, infernal & overwhelming chaos all together here. The mixture of trailing pennants, floating skulls (with some having subtle cybernetic touches, that's kewl) and a meticulous mix of Divine imagery...

Alongside Inferno by Dante & Paradise Lost imagery, this is the closest to realizing the afterworlds or alternate dark spheres of WarHammer40K's Chaos if nothing else. The absolute ominous where mankind of present should NOT ever venture far.

Tales-of-Two's avatar

This is so so cool!

ValeAeternum's avatar

I can only be inspired by you. Wow! Great work.

rafalnguyenkhac's avatar

Great piece... I did my deviantart acc today and i cant get away from my PC :D So many great artist here! :clap:

LindArtz's avatar

This fantastic work is already in my favs! Congrats on your DD! :clap: !!!

ozarkdude's avatar

Well done. I love it...!!!

So unusual. Can imagine a whole world from this.

Tinselfire's avatar

Those ribbons are gorgeous. Had to zoom in to take a closer look at the patterns, and was amazed to see they were not actually silver.

ErikShoemaker's avatar

absolutely incredible!

ariya-sacca's avatar

Looks like the cover of a Sci Fi/Fantasy book

GabrielGajdos's avatar

kde beries inspiraciu?

Eden-West's avatar

holy fuck my dude this is nuts

YokaMycelium's avatar

You could create a whole new religion or cult with your art and I'd pray you every day

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kakavidata's avatar

Sweet mother of all that is glory and unholy this is beyond epic. It is always worth the wait time when it comes to your art. This is incredible and awesome.

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Crazy wild and freaky but fabulous. Incredible detailing and fire technique. Awesomeness. If you get time please give feedback on some of my work.
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Oh my god, this is absolutely insane. I have to buy a poster of this

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