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KH Sephiroth

FFVII Sephiroth is da bomb, but the KH version just elevates him to a whole new level of villainy coolness.

... I mean, it's Sephiroth XD
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He is the official sex god of the universe. 'Nuff said. :drool:
My god is he Sexy! Nice job...!!
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This is amazing!!!:heart: OMG! just look at those lips!!! FAV!!!!!><:heart::heart::heart:!!!!!!!
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Awesome stuff, just amazing, thanks for the great art
Awesome. I love the colors and the art style. Nice work.
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sephiroth is great
your style to draw is amazing ^^
That was one of the best...reunion.
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Sephy-kun! :hug: hes awsomeley drawn..
very nice.. KH version, your right he does look alot awsomer ^^;
hehe i have that image on my wall =]... i bought it from i fink animania hehe ... >< RAR!! i duno who i bought it from i can't remember!! >< 2004 animania i fink o_O but yeah.. seph is KeWL =]
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*Adds to faves* enough said!
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Wow, I am here a little late in the day but simply had to comment. I love your colouring, and the eyes are so real!
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Sephiroth is awesome! Yet he was such a pain to beat! Oh well this is a great Seph drawing! :+fav:
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Sephitoth is the most charismatic villain I've ever seen. I mean, it's my favourite. :+fav:
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I love this picture..... :drool:
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Awesome!!! This is really great!

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Love your take on my favorite video game char of all time. great work and wonderful job of not making him look androgynous (sp?) Or even worse almost completely fem. I have issues with that sort of thing being done to him. It's cruel to all us adoring fangirls. But your skillz are :strong: and I like this a lot.
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I just noticed something, he's in his FFVII suit...but I like it better this way
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i distintly remember his eyes being blue in kingdom hearts.
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Dude! I totally love your work! I saw it at Gaia.
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Amazing job on the shading and colouring. :XD:
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Very cool picture! Awesome job on the shading! :D
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