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By apsm
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This is my first attempt at posting something here. It contains a male to female transformation, with a slight female to male TF later on.

Synopsis: A young man finds a Haruhi armband in the mail, unaware of a fantastical transformation about to take place.
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1. The website you wrote actually exists! And seems to be about cosplaying. Did you know of its existance?

2. I have THE armband that Haruhi Suzumiya wears (that I got from the limited edition DVD's I purchased of the series, having the whole collection in my hands right now ^^)

3. Boy would I love to have such trinkets for cosplay events :P

4. Your writing for a first outing in terms of TG is quite awesome and intricate. The terms for each piece of clothing sounds almost difficult to remember them all, and I'd probably have to study a document detailing each piece of clothing so not to make mistakes if I'd have written something similar.

5. It has just the right balance of story, buildup, excitement, climax and conclusion that leaves for more adventures to take place.

6. I wonder who is my favorite character....maybe Kirika from the anime series now, though Major from Ghost in the Shell is quite neat as well...or maybe Shiki from Kara No Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners....or maybe Yumiko Reamdan from Read or Die....or...etc :P
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1. I probably did not ^^'.

2. I have an armband too. Unfortunately it's not magic ; __ ;.

3. Me too.

4. It's not my first Tg story. I think it was my third at the time of writing. As for the clothing, I think some research was required, but not much. It was so long ago that I forgot ^^'.

5. Thanks ^^.

6. Other than the odd GITS episode, I haven't seen any of the other shows you described. Though I wouldn't mind seeing Noir or ROD, someday.
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2. My armband isn't magical as well....*snif*

4. Oups! I thought I had read somewhere that it was, or maybe the first posted on DA.

6. Noir is my favorite anime of all times due to it being the first ''serious'' anime I discovered after reading the manga Dragon Ball (which isn't hard to beat ^^). Read or Die is just AWESOME!!! I should send you my top 30 anime series (out of 300 or so seen XD)
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Two thumbs way up!
5/5 stars!

Very well written. I enjoyed every second of reading this. Thank you for a wonderful story.
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new thing to read TBH
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Good,this is your first post here?
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I think so.
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Good,i wonder why don't you feel proud of your's good ^^
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Thanks, in what way is it good? (Sorry, like to have some constructive criticism)
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just curious,when did you start writing that and how did you find the idea of writing that kind of stories...

It's interesting..:)
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Just try and think of ideas and stick to the ones I like...don't think I can describe it any other way.
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nice work...i believe finding the idea is the hardest part...

i added something to my favorites :)

wish i can read more but a little tired right now...would you forgive me for that...^^
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Of course, not forcing you.
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Wow... this was completely crazy and insane, but really well written. Where'd you learn to write that well?
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Hmmm, I'd say reading TG stories and any knowledge I retained from uni.

Thanks for liking my story!
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This is a really solid piece. I love the way the transformation was described. Just enough detail for me, and presents realistic thoughts and actions to an unlikely event. It also avoids common plot elements.

An aspect which is rarely seen in such stories, is "temporary transformation," with complete and reliable reversibility.

Another relatively rare one is of the two personalities coexisting well together, in which the true self can slip in and out of the character self at will, or blur the line.

Keep up the good work.
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Without a doubt, this is written TONS better than "Ken's Destiny," for some reason.

Nevertheless, this is an excellent story. Shall you ever have any more plans to make more fanfictions like this, immediately make those said plans come to life.
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Well, thats good, considering I thought Ken's Destiny was written better!

Oh well, opinions differ I suppose.
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Amazing, the detail is PERFECT, please make more!
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Great story. Love your narration of both the plot and the transformation. The level of detail to which you have the character transform into the anime character (in this case, Haruhi) is once again really good.

You should also include "Ken's Destiny" on your DA Profile. That, too, was a great story.

Keep it up; I hope to read more of your stuff. ^_^

- Zeph
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