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Journal Entry: Wed Sep 29, 2010, 10:34 AM
My 5-year-old Wacom Graphire tablet died yesterday. *sob* I'll probably buy a new one in December=(

Looks like I'll have to get back to my pens and pencils.

Ok so now that I have to put off all digital stuff and work more with traditional media, maybe YOU could give me some ideas hmm?

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Journal Entry: Thu Sep 9, 2010, 12:36 AM
I'm opening commissions again! :eager:

(all prices are for A4 size, that's 2480x3508 pixels, 300 dpi; digital-only)

- b&w
--> 1 character (full body) w/o background - 20-30$, +30$ for background

- coloured
--> coloured sketches with texture
    1 character w/o background - 30-40$, +30$ for bg

--> paintings:
portrait - ~35$
half-body - ~45$
full-body (w/o bg) - ~55$, at least 40$ for full bg

The prices may vary, it really depends on the complexity of the picture!

- I draw mostly fantasy and paleo-oriented stuff
- send me a note or an e-mail
- detailed descriptions, references are highly appreciated
- one picture can take from 1 week to 1 month, it depends both on the complexity of the picture and my real life
- payment is via Paypal
- finished works are sent as psd files

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stock account and blog :3

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 6, 2009, 10:40 AM
I promised myself to update my journal more often and I failed as usual:P

Anyway, me and my friends created a stock account some time ago, check it out!


Hierapolis 11 by omg-stock Hierapolis 7 by omg-stock
Tatry: Czarny staw polski II by omg-stock Tatry: Black trail by omg-stock
hieroglyphs by omg-stock Sphinx by omg-stock
ceratosaurs by omg-stock Stegosaurus 3 by omg-stock


I also opened a blog for stuff I won't upload on dA: (there are many things I don't post here, so it'll be updated quite often I think).

COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN, if you're interested - send me a note!

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sketches, wips...

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 13, 2009, 10:36 AM
I don't have anything interesting to write about, sooo I decided to post here my sketches, wips and various stuff. I'm not going to leave this journal to rot another year, lol!

Ok so to begin with, here's a sketch I drew during boring lectures:

And this is really random...:roll: This pic and the next one were drawn with a REAL pencil, not a Photoshop one. My scanner "ate" half of the tones as usual:/

Citipati witch chickies:

I'll probably colour this pic... somedayD:

Citipati step by step:

Citipati osmolskae
Nemegtomaia barsboldi
Oviraptor philoceratops
Rinchenia mongoliensis

In progress:
Conchoraptor gracilis

To do:
Gigantoraptor, Microvenator, Nomingia, Shixinggia, Heyuannia, Ingenia, Khaan

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po ponad roku wreszcie cos pisze :D

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2008, 1:30 PM
Niedawno zauważyłam, że ostatni journal został napisany w zeszłym roku we wrześniu:roll: Postanowiłam zmienić wreszcie css'a, tamtent stary był zbyt mroczny:P

Ostatnie trzy tygodnie był dla mnie cholernie ciężkie, wiedziałam że z zapisywaniem się na seminaria dyplomowe będzie jeden wielki cyrk, ale nie myślałam, że będzie aż TAK źle, i aż TAK chamsko. No cóż, teraz już po wszystkim, trafiłam na Katedrę Biologii Medycznej, czyli chyba nieźle... tak mi się wydaje:P (Grunt że nie na matematykę... Albo na ochronę środowiska... brr:fear:)

Już od jakiegoś czasu zbieram siły do rysowania komiksu, może niedługo się za to wezmę. (No, może nie tak za niedługo, sesja się zbliża, a do zakucia jest cała biologia molekularna... "Genomy" machają już do mnie rączką:ohnoes: T-r-a-g-e-d-i-a.)
Na razie bazgram sobie trochę w Manga Studio i sprawdzam funkcje tego programiku. Nawet daje radę, w każdym razie można robić w nim lepsze lineart niż w Photoshopie, no i nie wiesza się jak Painter.
A to przykład moich bazgrołów:


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art features #1

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 27, 2007, 8:29 AM
Theme: Paleo art

:thumb39505753: nesting oviraptor by Calisius Stegosaur by melihturer

:thumb53613318: Plateosaurus by dustdevil :thumb43800245:

T-Rex Sunset by Red-Dilopho

Mature Content

Deinonychus Feast by EWilloughby

Dracorex-hogwartsia-A by aspidel Upon Branch by MattMart :thumb47205432:

:thumb9535951: Oviraptor philoceratops by Parula Pterodactylus kochi landing by jconway

Runaway by T-PEKC Troodont Acrylics by sitar Little Epi by Gorgosaurus

Altirhinus kurzanovi by Christoferson Parasaurolophus Walkeri by mirroreyesserval Brachiosaurus altithorax by briankroesch

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contest winners

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 8, 2007, 4:14 AM
:winner:1st place::winner:
:iconirulana: with Falling in Love by Irulana

2nd place:
:icondaekazu: with Aliele and the Furry Dragon by daekazu

3rd place:
:iconcockrocket: with Wishes by cockrocket


I also thank every participant, you were all awesome<3

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contest entries + voting

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 1, 2007, 2:29 AM
How to vote:
Send me a note with the number of the entry.
The end of the voting is on Friday.


1. Wishes by cockrocket by :iconcockrocket:

2. :thumb59001419: by :iconcomtessa:

3. Aliele and the Furry Dragon by daekazu by :icondaekazu:

4. Queen Rajani's Wrath by aisazia by :iconaisazia:

5. :thumb55106104: by :iconevanescence-titan:

6. Falling in Love by Irulana by :iconirulana:

7. Darshana- Nekromancja by Loreen by :iconloreen:

8. Aliele by NitroFieja by :iconnitrofieja:

9. Aveline by Scellanis by :iconscellanis:

10. Birds of Paradise by Water-Singer by :iconwater-singer:

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tagged ~_~

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 26, 2007, 5:50 AM
I was tagged by :iconirulana:

The rules:
1. Post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random (hopefully interesting) facts about themselves
3. Tags should write a journal of these facts
4. At the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

The facts:
1. I've got acrophobia and arachnophobia. So atavistic :x
2. I have a thing for even numbers. When I have nothing to do, I think of a word and count its syllables. When their amount isn't even, I get irritated >_>
3. My fave numbers are multiples of 6 for some reason.
4. Six years spent in a Catholic school made me a die hard agnostic.
5. I talk to my cat very often >_> (It's the cutest creature in the world<3)
6. During lectures I often draw silly comic strips, "Adventures of the Happy Caliper". They're just extremely stupid (and badly drawn, too), but the Happy Caliper became a cult character among my fellow students:roll:
7. I'd like to have a snake :< (chameleon would also do)
8. My memory for books is really bad, it often happens that I read a book one day and the next day I can't remember ANYTHING:roll:

I tag:


DEADLINE: August 31st

You just have to draw any of my characters. References and descriptions are placed under the rules.

- 1st place - a digital painting from me
- 2nd place - either a high-res b&w drawing, or a colored portrait (or a halfbody picture, that will depend on the diffrence in number of votes between 1st and 2nd place)
- 3rd place - a b&w picture

- only one entry per one person is allowed
- send me A NOTE with a link to your entry, do not put links in comments please
- do not wrtie journals like "please vote for me" or something like that, it's unfair!
- clothes shown in references are not obligatory
- any medium is welcome
- all entries will be put here in this journal
- after the deadline there will be voting

Should you have any questions - ask:)

So here are the characters:

Aliele is an elven sorceress and a former dragon rider. When it comes to magic, she always wished to surpass all others what led her to contact with Ruagh. This dangerous familiarity eventually resulted in destruction of her homeland. She believes she's the last one of her kind, although this isn't actually true. Now her goals are aimed at getting rid the world of evil (or rather her own perception of it).
Aliele is distrustful and mean at times. Being confident of her righteousness, she's always ready to sacrifice anything (except her own life) and anyone to achieve her goals. She considers Aveline as her major adversary.
Now that was some serious stuff 8D
Aliele likes to play instruments, mainly violin and piano; she also likes to wear expensive dresses. She keeps several magical birds at home - they remind her of the old days;]

Aveline is a creature of unknown origin and unknown age. She's cunning, relentless and vain. To those who don't know her well enough, she seems to be kind-hearted, but it's just a façade - she actually despises everyone but herself. She seeks to destroy the creatures designed and created by the so-called Scientist (she considers their existence as a blasphemy against nature). To obtain her goals, she summons various kinds of supernatural entities. Darshana also taught her necromancy, but not very willingly. Aveline never questions her actions and their consequences, because she believes that what she does serves the greater good.

Contest ref: Ruagh by Apsaravis
Ruagh belongs to the Great Blue Dragon species. It's a deceitful creature, and also overwhlemingly greedy. He justifies his wrong deeds saying that treachery and greed are rooted deep in his kind's nature and thus they cannot be eradicated. Despite these features, Ruagh doesn't think he is evil.
He helped Aliele gain more powers and her trust in him was tragic in consequences, as written somewhere above.
Later on, Ruagh had to fight his own kind to keep all the elves' treasures for himself. He was defeated and forced to flee.

Rajani is a queen praised and admired by her kind. Her husband was killed during a hunt - she suspected Darshana of having organized it. She is aware of the fact that Darshana is keen to take over the throne, but she prefers tu turn a blind eye to it (some of the priests and priestesses are her cousins, including Darshana).
Rajani cares about her people and is seen as just, merciful and gracious, almost divine, but towards her foes she is cruel and ruthless.
She owns a great menagerie, where many sorts of dangerous animals (mainly snakes) are kept. Rajani also enjoys hunting.

Darshana is a high priestess with a great lust for power - that's why she's in constant conflict with Rajani. She is always plotting against the queen; she has already managed to have the king killed and so far it hasn't been found out that Darshana stood behind it.
Darshana has mastered various sorts of magic and divination. She is sometimes asked for help by Aveline, but she isn't willing to share her knowledge with anyone.

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Personal website:)

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 30, 2007, 10:10 AM
I've opened my website at last - + Hylaios +
It was made quite a long time ago actually, but I couldn't decide for the name. Yesterday I came up with "Hylaios" (Gr., 'belonging to the forest') :)
It works best in Firefox at the screen resolution 1280x1024 px.
I haven't put all my works there, only the ones I like personally.
It's not my first website and I hope it looks good, and that everything works as it should:D

By the way - the contest will be announced soon (probably the next week), so stay tuned!


Featured art:
:thumb53693555: Lexovisaurus vs Allosaurus by dustdevil :thumb53625579: Furlock Holmes by The-Donut-Truck Oedipus and the Sphinx by TaekwondoNJ A Whiter Shade of Pale by sphinxmuse The Prolonged Judgement by DaveWhitlam Thee Emperor Penguin by cobainsriff

:thumb30092954: Firefox User Stamp v1 by ivelt:thumb28672880:
Gummi Bear Stamp by pillze69:thumb32641509:
Trash The Hate by S3BR4:thumb29310450: emo stamp by kakumei
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