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An old commission.
A pair of herrerasaurs stalking a rauisuchian.
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They have a deathwish
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Those are some ambitious herrerasaurs
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After watch this pictures on your gallery:……

I Seee that you love make pictures about the prehistoric fauna of your country, so i want to ask you if it is possible a bigger recreation of the suposed fauna of the   Zagaje Formation, including the presence of Megalosaurids or primitive neotheropods(…), Sauropods, etc.
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Absolutely beautiful! As usual, your attention to detail is stunning.
aspidel's avatar
This is a beautiful piece.
grisador's avatar
More like the other way around.
That's a nice alternative idea.
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How so ? Isn't the crocodymorph is who the hunts ?
grisador's avatar
How ? Or the crocodymorph is the bully ?
batworker's avatar
Great! As usual.
raptorkil's avatar
i swer
i fkn swer
u r so gud omf
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Beautiful work. :)
Maybe these Herrerasaurs are following the larger predator because they know he will bring down a prey, then they eat what he leaves behind. :D
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Yeah, not sure they could take down a creature that size. Unless they had a lot more of them in other areas we can't see.
NordicB3rry's avatar
Yay ! my most fav Triassic Dinosaur C:
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Great work! these dinosaurs are great! Ever thought of doing extinct mammals?
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