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Platyceratops, Ajancingenia and a gobipterygid; the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia

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awesome scene
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Great to see some of your new artwork. I especially like that inconspicuous Gobipteryx.
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You've rendered me speechless.... You keep getting better and better everytime!
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It sort of feels wrong to say this about a piece of paleoart, but I love the scenery and lighting here above everything else in this piece. That's not to say the dinosaurs aren't good, it's just that the scenery they are in is so wonderful it could work as a beautiful piece of art on its own.
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incredidle :D shadows are great!. and i love that lovely snow-white therepod :D
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Awww, owe wait stay hidden little ones.

Amazing artwork my friend.
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Verry impressive, but I have to warn you!
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God, I love this, especially the dead tree :3 
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Great to see you back
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